Transfer equipment to advance cheese production

Transfer equipment to advance cheese production

In the cost-sensitive dairy sector, to remain competitive, cheese producers are being driven by the need to maintain yield and increase output.

Throughout processing steps—from rennet and other enzyme or citric acid dosing to curds and whey transfer—our pump and hose technologies ensure gentle, safe, accurate and reliable product handling. 


Cheese production

Gentle product handling with Certa sinusoidal pumps

There are many benefits associated with using low-shear Certa pump technology to add value and reduce process costs when handling delicate or highly viscous products.

Primary among the advantages is the ability to reduce the number of fines produced during curd and whey transfer of cheese, a capability that can result in considerable savings of more than 20%.

In comparison to a lobe pump, for example, yield can be increased by reducing fines content by approximately 27%. For high-volume cheese plants, 900g per tonne soon amounts to a significant saving, where return-on-investment is achievable inside six months.

Certa's reduction of the number of fines and retention of fat and moisture within the cheese curds ensures product integrity. The pump can improve yield, enabling an increased quantity of manufactured product from the same amount of milk.

Furthermore, product quality increases due to gentle handling, allowing the producers to command a higher price for the superior product.

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