Your small batch, vial filling machine and containment solution

Vial filling machine and containment solution to fast track your cell, gene and biological therapies

Cellefill is a turnkey, small batch, vial filling machine with an integrated containment solution.

The GMP compliant system has been designed by aseptic fill/finish experts Flexicon Liquid Filling and containment experts Franz Ziel.

As a fully integrated solution for the biopharmaceutical industry, Cellefill maximises production capabilities through recipe driven operation and delivers enhanced levels of process assurance to accelerate your time to market.

Cellefill optimises your batch security with highly accurate peristaltic pump performance and integrated environmental monitoring.​

Our vial filling machines with integrated containment solutions maximise production of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) including cell and gene therapies (CGT), small batch pharmaceuticals and biologics.

Features and benefits

  • Fast track your CGT and biological therapies and futureproof for GMP compliance ​
  • Maximise production efficiency with recipe driven, remote set-up and no format parts for the entire vial range ​
  • Highly accurate, precision filling from micro volumes to 50ml with better than ±1% achievable at most volumes ​
  • Fully integrated environmental monitoring system in strategically risk-assessed locations ​
  • Reduced risk of batch loss with flexible in-process controls including 100% weight check with zero waste start-up ​
  • Integrated aseptic vial filling machine and containment solution reduces risk and cost ​
  • Expert guidance and support throughout your project 

Cellefill configurations

  1. oRAB

    Sterile product protection of sensitive biologics, antibodies, cell protein or nucleic acid-based products. Grade B / ISO 7 cleanroom.

  2. iASP

    Sterile product protection of sensitive biologics, antibodies, cell protein or nucleic acid-based products. Grade C / ISO 8 cleanroom.

  3. iBIO

    Hazardous biologics, individualised or live products requiring highest levels of cross contamination control or BSL2 containment. Grade C / ISO 8 cleanroom.

About us

Flexicon Liquid Filling - Scalable filling systems reduce validation costs and optimise investment as demand for capacity increases.

Flexicon uses highly accurate peristaltic pump technology in its configurable aseptic fill/finish systems. ​

Flexicon offers a range of liquid filling and capping systems that grow with your business. Flexicon’s portfolio ranges from stand-alone units for hand filling, through semi-automatic systems, to fully automatic filling, stoppering and capping machines.

Systems are modular and offer options which allow adaption of each stage of the fill/finish process, including vial infeed, filling and stoppering and capping.

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About our partner Franz Ziel

Containment solutions for operator and product protection in aseptic or toxic processes.

franz ziel

With four decades of cleanroom experience and expertise, Franz Ziel is a leading company in this field. Franz Ziel’s core competency is complex aseptic processing in the pharmaceutical industry. ​

Franz Ziel provides customised GMP-compliant, turnkey solutions for all aseptic processing needs. Minimising interface adaptions and ensuring data integrity, Franz Ziel is also a full provider of system hardware and services. ​

These complete solutions enable easier planning and commencement of your production line, while ensuring optimised workflow.