Processing equipment in the mining industry

Technologies for extended life in demanding applications

  1. qdos metering pump

    Qdos chemical metering pumps

    Eliminates alternative metering pump ancillaries required for accurate, linear and repeatable metering for maximum mineral recovery process yields.

Dependable technologies

Today's mining and mineral processing industry has a significant responsibility to tightening environmental regulation. 

We enhance opencast and hardrock metallic and carbon based mineral extraction methods by improving operational efficiency with robust, long life pump and hose technologies.

World leaders in peristaltic pumping

Modern mining operations and processing plants must be sustainable to meet stringent environmental regulations. Metallic oxide, sulphide and carbon-based ore extraction, along with tailings reprocessing, demand pump and hose technologies that withstand heavy-duty applications.

Our peristaltic pumps can be installed in remote environments for abrasive slurry transfer without freshwater sources for seal or gland flushing. At chemical metering stations, our pumps can be employed without pressure or flow control ancillaries, bunding or screening equipment normally required to achieve safe, accurate results.

These performances are consistent across mineral recovery processes such as flotation, CIL and heap leach. Our high-quality products ensure the safe delivery of labour and process water savings along with increased metal and gem production yields.

The nature of abrasive, high-solid paste and aggressive chemicals present significant challenges to other positive displacement and centrifugal pumps recommended for hard rock and open cast surface operations. Our peristaltic pumps deliver substantial advantages for safely pumping viscous and abrasive paste or pulp and difficult fluids in mineral extraction processes such as dewatering and heap leaching.

  • No moving parts in contact with the product
  • Reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs
  • Self-priming and can run dry without the need for protection
  • Significantly lower water consumption compared to other pumps

Transferring product with 80% solids content, or strong acidity, creates problems for diaphragm, centrifugal and other pump types. The only wear part of a peristaltic pump is the hose or tube, which can be replaced in-situ.

The unique design of our rugged process pumps for mining overcome the challenges of thickener underflow, concentrate filter feed, tailings transfer and chemical metering, significantly cutting maintenance requirements, thereby lowering the total cost of ownership.

Featured products

  1. APEX hose pumps

    APEX hose pumps

    Flow rates to 6,200 L/h (27.3 USGPM) and pressures up to 8 bar (116 psi). Optimised for process uptime.

    Pumps - hose pumps

  2. Marprene tubing

    Marprene tubing

    Thermoplastic elastomer tubing especially resistant to oxidizing agents. 5 ºC to 80 ºC (23 ºF to 176 ºF) to 7 bar (100 psi).

    Tubing - peristaltic

  3. Corroflon hose

    Corroflon hose

    Convoluted bore hose for transferring process fluids where a smooth bore is not a specific requirement.

    Flexible hose assemblies


  1. Filter feed

    Water is a valuable resource and the less you need to use across your mining and mineral...

  2. Ore sampling

    Ore concentrate sampling is critical in establishing the viability of ore reserves.

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    Bredel NR Transfer hose

    Bredel NR Transfer hose launched for general fluid transfer applications


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