Chemical compatibility guide

It is recommended that compatibility testing is always carried out to ensure the suitability of our products with your process chemical fluid. Actual chemical content can differ between suppliers and brands.

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ReNu and CWT pumphead wetted components for Qdos

This guide details chemical compatibility between the process fluid and the wetted components within the pumphead only. The guide is not an indication of the suitability of the pump for your process. It does not indicate chemical compatibility of the components within the pumphead after failure. A full risk assessment should be carried out for all applications when pumping aggressive chemicals. Materials of manufacture can be found in the product datasheet. Please contact Watson-Marlow for further advice.

The ReNu and CWT pumphead contains lubricant. It is the user’s responsibility to comply with local health and safety regulations, including ensuring chemical compatibility between the lubricant and the duty fluid before use.

The Qdos pump should not be used in an ATEX environment, Hazardous environment or an environment that requires explosion proof certification.

* In some cases, compatibility between the pumphead and the chemical is particularly dependant on a number of factors including chemical source and temperature. In these cases, trials are recommended to ascertain suitability.

ReNu Santoprene label

7bar (100psi) Max

0M3.2200.PFP: ReNu 30 Santoprene pumphead
0M3.3200.PFP: ReNu 60 Santoprene pumphead
4bar (60psi) Max
0M3.4200.PFP: ReNu 120 Santoprene pumphead

ReNu SEBS label

7bar (100psi) Max

0M3.1800.PFP: ReNu 20 SEBS pumphead
4bar (60psi)
0M3.3800.PFP: ReNu 60 SEBS pumphead
4bar (60psi) Max
0M3.2800.PFP: ReNu 30 SEBS pumphead

ReNu PU label

4bar (60psi) Max

0M3.1500.PFP: ReNu 20 PU pumphead


Available data indicates that the process chemical is compatible with the pumphead wetted components.


The process chemical is not fully compatible with the pumphead wetted components. Flow rate and pumphead life may be adversely affected.


Not suitable for use with duty fluid. The process chemical is not compatible with some or all of the components. It may be unsafe to use the pumphead in this application.


Compatibility not confirmed. Compatability data with the chemical does not exist or has not been confirmed. Please contact Watson-Marlow for further details.

Peristaltic tubing and hose elements

Always make an immersion test before choosing a tube material for critical applications. Immerse a short length of the tubing (always available from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions or its distributors) in a closed container of the fluid for 48 hours, and then examine it for signs of attack, swelling, embrittlement or other deterioration.


Tubing: 0-5% volume swell


Tubing: 5-10% volume swell


Tubing: 10% or greater volume swell


Not confirmed (no data)

*The information contained in the chemical compatibility guide is believed to be correct. Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions accepts no liability for any errors it contains. It is the users responsibility to ensure chemical compatibility within their application.


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