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    Market experience

    For 60 years medical device manufacturers have integrated our products into equipment which is used in thousands of medical procedures daily.

A history of medical device solutions

We provide expertise in peristaltic pump and fluid path technologies. We enable leading companies worldwide to overcome the challenges of bringing validated medical devices and in-vitro diagnostic instruments to market. The quality of our technology is proven in thousands of procedures daily.

Reduce your compliance burden

Our experience helps manufacturers meet US FDA or European Medical Device regulations, or meet the ISO13485 medical device standard. Based on a strong foundation of ISO9001: 2015, our quality systems are and have dependable change management processes and product traceability. These, along with a comprehensive design process, helps you maintain regulatory documentation such as design history files and device master records.

High-performance pumps

The critical nature of medical devices requires dependable, engineered solutions. Our market-leading portfolio of peristaltic pumps and fluid pathproducts combine to deliver repeatable flow and pressure performance through their service life. They are designed with unmatched ergonomics, aesthetics and value-adding features.

Market-leading performance through sophisticated technologies

Medical Device OEMs often need some level of customisation beyond the standard off-the-shelf products. Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions has development services in place to assist customers in optimising the functionality and performance of their overall system.

We can start with the rapid delivery of samples from our wide range of standard products. Over the arc of your project, we can create a complete pump, motor and drive sub-assembly that is tested and ready to install in your equipment.

Our team will support your development efforts from prototyping through to production and will be there throughout your manufacturing efforts in the long term. We have a dedicated OEM team, including sales engineers that can visit you anywhere in the world and OEM engineering teams at each factory.

Our pumps are proven in many innovative medical devices that have been on the market for decades. These predicate devices that use our technology can reduce the amount of validation testing, and achieve a faster FDA 510(k), or PMA approval, thereby reducing time to market.

Whether you are a start-up or a leading listed global medical device manufacturing company, WMFTS has a proven capability of aligning its product and services to speed up your time to market. Partnering with us can help lower your regulatory and quality compliance risks; building your brand market value in the long term.

Precise performance and simple integration for OEMs

oem drivesure

Watson-Marlow DriveSure panel mount pumps integrates motor, mounting, our latest generation closed-loop control technology and WM Connect PC software to deliver powerful performance. As a complete panel-mount solution, DriveSure helps OEMs to reduce time-to-market and achieve competitive gain by simplifying each stage of the development process.


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Featured products

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    100 series low-flow pumps

    Iconic flip-top pumps for flows up to 500 ml/min. Accurate flow performance to medium pressures.

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  2. 100 series pumpheads

    100 series pumpheads

    Iconic flip-pumps for low flows up to 510 ml/min. Accurate flow performance to medium pressures.


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Quality and regulatory expertise

Our high-quality pumps are backed by factories using the latest, best-practices in quality management systems. We can support your regulatory requirements with full product traceability and change notifications.