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MasoSine process pumps

Offering the ideal solution to improve performance and minimize your cost of ownership

Gentle sinusoidal pumps for food, chemical and cosmetics applications

There are many benefits associated with using Sine pump technology, particularly a reduction in energy consumption. MasoSine pumps typically require up to 50% less power than conventional pumps used in viscous fluid handling duties. Additionally, the sinusoidal rotor produces powerful suction with low shear, low pulsation and gentle handling. These features are vital to the food and beverage industry, where customers benefit from less waste and faster processing.

  • Energy efficient pumping
  • Gentle pumping action
  • High suction capability
  • Easy maintenance

Certa EHEDG pump

Certa process pumps

Engineers in food and beverage plants are frequently faced with pumping high viscosity products ranging from frozen orange juice, deli salads and bakery produce, to cheese curd and savoury pie fillings. Certa meets the highest standards in hygiene and cleanability combined with improving process efficiency and minimising total cost of ownership.

 Cleaner than any lobe or circumferential piston pump

  • EHEDG Type EL - Class I
  • Now with EHEDG Type EL Aseptic Class I
  • All contact parts FDA and EG1935 compliant




Certa pump

Certa Plus

Certa Plus process pump

Drawing on considerable experience in sinusoidal pumping technology, Certa Plus has been developed by MasoSine to meet a broad range of applications for the pharmaceutical industry.

  • High suction capability to handle viscous fluids
  • Low shear, zero pulsation and self-draining
  • Uses up to 50 % less power than lobe and circumferential piston pump types
  • Easy to clean pump design certified with EHEDG Type EL Class I, EHEDG Type EL Aseptic Class I
  • Exposed fluid contact materials made of stainless steel 1.4435 material with electropolished surface
  • All fluid contact materials meet the latest FDA and USP Class VI requirements


Certa Plus

SPS process pumps

SPS process pump

SPS pumps delivers a low shear, gentle pumping action that safely transfers delicate products without risk of degradation.

Suitable for industrial applications up to 15 bar pressure at flows up to 99,000 L/h SPS is able to transfer products with viscosities from 1 cP to 8 million cP with powerful suction up to 0.85 bar.

Capable of handling soft solids safely up to 60 mm, maintaining end product quality and delivering high yield rates.

Maintenance takes minutes and can be performed in-place by a line operative. SPS series pumps have 20 years warranty on housing and front cover.

Case study - Certa pumps eradicate yeast handling issues

Certa Sine pumps from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG) have replaced rotary lobe pumps at the family-owned Hofmann brewery in Germany, eliminating gassing issues and boosting pump efficiency.

Gas locking had serious and ongoing effects for the lobe pumps at the Hofmann brewery, including a reduction in flow rate. This effect was particularly noticeable due to the need for long suction lines between multiple yeast tanks and the pump station.


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