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Watson-Marlow launches industry first augmented reality app for Sine pump maintenance

Leading the way in creative customer solutions, Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS) has launched the first in a series of augmented reality (AR) apps. Developed to enhance the customer experience and post-sales support for its products, the first app has been built for its Certa Sine pump. This is a pump renowned for meeting the highest standards in hygiene and cleanability, improving process efficiency and minimising total cost of ownership.

Designed for ease of use, the Certa AR app allows customers to easily identify the tools required for Certa Sine pump maintenance tasks whilst providing information and clear step-by-step visual guidance. Whilst the app has been intuitively designed so that users do not need previous experience of AR, it also targets the digital native skillset, whose learning excels when utilising visual, digital technology. By laying AR visual instructions over a customer’s own pump, the app aids customer understanding of a task and saves time previously spent consulting written product manuals. 

The app was developed in-house by WMFTS’s new Digital Transformation department. Head of Department, Matthew Thomas said:

“The growth of this department demonstrates WMFTS’s continued commitment to the pursuit of creative and accessible customer focussed solutions. A game changer for how companies’ deliver customer solutions, our investment demonstrates our understanding of the pressures our customers face recruiting skilled workforce. There is a new generation of employees with the skills and preference to consume instructions using visual, digital technology and this app makes learning new skills much more accessible.

For WMFTS, the Certa AR app marks a change in how we use technology to support and develop our customer experience. It is a perfect example of targeted investment and resources in tools that enhance the way we exceed our customers’ needs.”

New to the team, 26 year old WMFTS AR specialist and the Certa app developer, Isaac Gillard said:

“We are delighted to launch an app that allows us to apply AR technology to the benefit of our customers. WMFTS has a reputation for leading the way in customer support and helping create efficiency savings for our pump users. We’re looking forward to receiving feedback from our first users and developing future solutions for our customers.”

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