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Bioflex Ultra Change Notification - 170410 DC BFXU

Products Covered

All sizes of Bioflex Ultra hose assemblies with Stainless Steel or Polypropylene Braids, and Rubber Covered.


Due to the success of the Direct Crimp fitting system on the Corroline+ and Pharmaline N / X range of products it has been decided to utilise this system with the Bioflex Ultra product range.

As a result of introducing the Direct Crimp fitting on covered Bioflex Ultra products, this now allows the assemblies to be used in fully soak-able applications.

Due to economies of scale, consolidating the DC style fitting across our patented product range will allow Aflex to remain competitively priced.

Summary of change

The Direct Crimp method offers a significant advantage in reducing assembly time through a method of cut and fit, where the outer rubber does not need to be removed from the braid. This simplified method of assembly can reduce assembly time and therefore cost.

The direct crimp fitting and ferrule system is available for Rubber covered, Stainless Steel braided & Polypropylene braided Bioflex Ultra.

Stainless Steel Braid DC Ferrule Part No 01-279-**-**-**
Rubber covered DC ferrule Part No 01-227-**-**-**
Polypropylene Braid DC Ferrule Part No 01-283-**-**-**
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Verification Testing

Assemblies have been tested in accordance with the requirements of EN 16643.

Extensive Hydrostatic and air under water pressure testing has been carried out to ensure the characteristics' and performance of the Bioflex Ultra product range has not been affected.

The product has also undergone testing on our 'Rolling U' test equipment.

The technical specifications currently quoted in our Bioflex Ultra product literature is unaffected by these changes.


Aflex Hose will phase-in this fitting system on assemblies manufactured by Aflex Hose whilst stocks of the existing fitting system are exhausted.

Where agreements are not currently in place the existing system for non-lined fittings will be discontinued from 31st July 2017.


For further assistance please contact your Sales Representative.

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