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Aflex hose Streamline Tag

As a company we are constantly striving to improve our products for you, our valued customers. With this in mind Aflex Hose Ltd has taken the decision to switch from our 'Puretag' system to a 'Streamline Tag' in order to provide hose identification information for all our silicone covered products. The change will see the label placed around the hose silicone cover and encapsulated by a transparent silicone that is formed in to a thin and streamlined covering.

Aflex has instigated this change to ensure the adherence of the silicone cover better suits the developments of the Pharmaline N and Bioflex Ultra products. In particular, the new direct crimp (DC) fittings allow a much stronger adherence between the silicone cover and braid, which promotes a new and exciting 'soakable' hose configuration, which is currently under development.

The thickness of the label cover is kept to an absolute minimum and the transition to the hose cover is smooth. These features promote ease of cleaning and minimise the risk of snagging.

The change to the new 'Streamline Tag' system will be implemented with immediate effect.

The new 'Streamline Tag' is shown in the photograph below:

Streamline tag

Please do not hesitate to contact Aflex Hose direct or your dedicated sales engineer if you require any further information: 

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