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Aflex Hose announce the publication of a new European Standard for PTFE hoses

Aflex Hose are proud to announce the publication of a new European Standard for PTFE hoses. EN16643:2016 was published on the 31st August 2016 and has been 5 years in development through the European technical standard committee, keeping Aflex Hose at the top of the game in shaping the high technical requirements of this standard to the benefit of you, the customer.

The standard is relevant to hose constructions that do not utilize adhesives to bond layers of the construction together and the title and scope of the standard specifically includes a ‘non-bonded’ hose construction; not to be confused with electrical bonding.

EN16643:2016 specifies hose materials, construction, dimensions, minimum pressure requirements etc. Importantly, electrical property requirements and grade identification codes are specified within the standard. Previously other technical standards such as EN 12215 and BS EN ISO 8031 were cited to address these electrical property requirements, but this was never entirely satisfactory since these did not specifically address the non-bonded hose construction.

The Aflex standard hose and assembly marking will now be aligned with the requirements of EN16643:2016

Some key tests are:

  • Pressure & Vacuum
  • Rolling U
  • Liner Permeation and weep
  • Liner mechanical properties
  • Bend
  • Electrical continuity & anti-static properties
  • Fire
  • Assembled length tolerance and changes under pressure
Aflex PTFE hoses

Aflex always strives to ensure customers are provided with hose products that attain very high technical standards. The testing program and techniques that Aflex have employed for many years to validate products’ are embedded within the EN16643 technical standard.

Aflex employ this testing as standard putting us already ahead of the game for implementing EN16643:2016.

The full range of Aflex products will comply with EN16643:2016 and updated brochures that address these required changes, such as marking, are now available on our website.

The technical standard is available now from BSI in the UK and from national standards institutions in other counts in due course

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