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High purity sanitary silicone gaskets

Sanitary Gaskets

Our sanitary gaskets support leak resistant connectivity within pharmaceutical and biotechnology production processes, reducing validation risks in contamination-free applications.

Each of our high-purity gaskets have been engineered to deliver unparalleled sealing performances under clamping compression. Each product has been manufactured from carefully considered materials to provide durable and robust sealing between mating surfaces, without compromising the integrity of your fluid path.


Sanitary gaskets

  1. EPDM gaskets

    EPDM gaskets

    Achieves a smooth bore, contamination free fluid path under clamping compression. Superior Steam-in-Place (SIP) stability.

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  2. PolySteel gaskets

    PolySteel gaskets

    PTFE/stainess steel composite gasket. Minimal cold flow and creep compared to solid PTFE.

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  3. PTFE gaskets

    PTFE gaskets

    Solid PTFE gasket for ultimate chemical resistance and purity. Precision engineered.

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  4. Viton® gaskets

    Viton® gaskets

    Provide improved heat, acid and chemical resistance. Manufactured in accordance with ASME-BPE standards.

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  5. Silicone 5000 series gaskets

    Silicone 5000 series gaskets

    Designed in accordance with ASME-BPE standards. USP Class VI compliant and animal derived component free (ADCF).

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  6. Silicone RXPX series gaskets

    Silicone RXPX series gaskets

    USP Class VI compliant and animal derived component free (ADCF). Compliant with FDA regulations CFR 21 177.2600.

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  7. Gauge Guard

    Gauge Guard

    USP Class VI and CFR 21 177.2600 compliant gauge guard to stop corrosion without sacrificing gauge performance.

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