Juice production

Pumping fruit juices and concentrates poses a number of process challenges, particularly where there are issues of acidity and high viscosity, which in turn can make pumping (and unloading from tankers) slow and prone to noise caused by cavitation.

The Certa range of pumps has EHEDG Type EL Class 1 Aseptic classification and can be sterilised without dead spots where bacteria could grow.

  • No cavitation or associated noise issues
  • Reduced unloading times
  • Low shear and smooth laminar flow
  • High transfer rates
  • Product integrity is maintained
  • System shocks eliminated
  • Low maintenance requirements/costs


  • High volume juice decanting
  • Juice concentrate application

Key products

  1. Certa pump

    Certa pump

    Low shear, virtually no pulsation EHEDG Type EL Aseptic Class I certifed pump. Up to 50 % less power than other pumps.

    Pumps - sine pumps

  2. SPS pump

    SPS pump

    Low shear pumping with flow rates to 99,000 L/h (434 USGPM) and pressures up to 15 bar (217 psi).

    Pumps - sine pumps

Products by brand

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