Pumps and hose equipment for butter production

Butter production

Pump and hose equipment employed throughout butter production processes must be capable of handling products with varying degrees of viscosity. Efficient milk, cream and butter transfer also requires hose and pump technologies that protect shear sensitive products from damage. 

At standard chilled temperature, butter forms a high density, solid mass, making transfer for packaging difficult. To enable pumping to the packaging plant, butter is typically heated to reduce its viscosity.  After pumping, the product is then quickly cooled again to prevent deterioration in quality. 

The heating and cooling processes create difficulties for many transfer pump types, such as a rotary lobe or twin screw pumps. Both lobe and twin screw pumps can risk final product quality through high shear pumping.

Eliminating the additional heating and cooling processes increases profit due to lower manufacturing costs.  Certa pumps offer a complete solution. Certa pumps from MasoSine pump liquids with viscosities up to 8 million cP and is the only pump type capable of transferring cold butter successfully. 

With reduced energy required to run the pumps, leading to a reduction in CO2 emissions, Certa further supports processes underpinned by sustainability and environmental commitments.

Peristaltic tube and hose technology for accurate, reliable brine dosing

To ensure a high-quality final product that both looks and tastes as intended, our broad range of peristaltic pumps provide an accurate and reliable brine dosing solution. Depending on the scale of your operation and the salt content of your product, our peristaltic pumping technologies from both Watson-Marlow Pumps and Bredel provide a scalable and reliable solution. 

For smaller and multi-channel production lines, peristaltic pumps from Watson-Marlow Pumps offer a solution that is both easy to use and maintain. For higher flow rate applications, hose pumps from Bredel maintain the accuracy of our Watson-Marlow Pumps to avoid over or overdosing into your product. 

We are the only peristaltic pump company in the world to manufacture their own tubing. Our in-house engineering teams and manufacturing processes ensure optimised performance and service life of our peristaltic tube pumps.

The food grade hoses optimised for use in our Bredel pumps are abrasive resistant and precision engineered for long service life and assured accuracy in dosing applications.


Efficient food grade hose technologies

Connecting your process with high-quality hose products from Aflex Hose will help you to optimise your production space and efficiency of your production process. The highly flexible kink-free design of Aflex PTFE lined hoses help to efficiently transfer cream from ageing to churning and working steps through to bulk packaging. 

Combined, our technologies ensure production systems are efficient, hygienic and fully CIP capable. For more information about how we might be able to enhance your butter production, contact a specialist member of our team.

Butter flow diagram

Key products

  1. Certa pump

    Certa pump

    Low shear, virtually no pulsation EHEDG Type EL Aseptic Class I certifed pump. Up to 50 % less power than other pumps.

    Pumps - sine pumps

  2. Bioflex Ultra

    Bioflex Ultra

    Smooth bore hose for biopharm and fine chemicals for clean, fast flow of high purity fluids.

    Flexible hose assemblies

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