Certificates of conformance (COC)

How to retrieve your Certificate of Conformance (COC)

The certificate is a pdf copy of the paper certificate included with your product.

BioPure products

Part number and LOT number combined without hyphen (-) or forward slashes (/) Please note all alpha characters MUST BE CAPITALISED e.g. NG150WHT5012H

Watson-Marlow continuous tubing

First 6 digits in first field and last 6 digits in the second field in the following format (XXXXXXe.g. 123456 and 123456

Watson-Marlow element tubing

Lot number in the following format (XXXXXXe.g. 123456

Flexicon products

Lot number split between the 2 fields (XXXXXX) and (XXXXXX). e.g. 123456 and 123456

Need help?

If you cannot locate your lot number or need further assistance please contact our customer service department for Watson-Marlow or Flexicon products or biopuresales@wmftg.com for BioPure products.

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