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APEX™ hose pumps

Five models to cut pump maintenance

APEX pump series

The APEX™ hose pump from Bredel has set the standard for lowering acquisition, operating and maintenance costs for low to medium pressure applications. APEX pumps are engineered for a more competitive price/performance ratio vs high pressure hose pumps. 

The higher flow per revolution means APEX pumps can be run at lower speeds, increasing hose life and reducing wear. With no costly wear components such as seals, valves, membranes or rotors to maintain, APEX is ideal for handling abrasive slurries and aggressive chemicals.

Compared with other pump types, APEX uptime periods are significantly longer. Maintenance consists of replacing a single hose element, a task that can be performed in minutes.

Five ways to cut pump maintenance

Designed to suit all dosing, metering and transfer applications with unmatched flow stability, the APEX 10, 15, 20, 28 and 35mm pumps offer users these important benefits:

1 Seal-less, valve-less design

  • Affordable, accurate and reliable
  • Engineered for a more competitive price/performance
  • Reduced cost of ownership compared to other PD pumps

2 Increased process uptime

  • Precision machined hose elements for accurate, repeatable performance
  • Visual verification of correct hose loading
  • Optimised hose compression for unmatched flow stability

3 Long service intervals

  • The hose element is the only component to wear
  • Hose element can be replaced in-situ quickly and easily in minutes

4 Direct-coupled drive and maximum flexibility

  • No separate couplings to align or maintain
  • Ultra compact design with flexibility to mount standard gear motors
  • Rotor supported by own bearings to maximise gearbox life

5 Lower maintenance costs

  • More flow per revolution and long lasting hose elements
  • Single component change means fewer spare parts inventory
  • Shorter maintenance times compared to other pump types

apex hose pump series

Engineered for simplicity

  • There is no contamination of the pump or fluid
  • Ideal for slurries, viscous, shear-sensitive and aggressive fluids
  • Easy to install, simple to operate, inexpensive to maintain.
  • Pump design prevents backflow and syphoning without valves

The peristaltic pumping action of APEX works by alternately compressing and relaxing a machined hose between the pump housing and the rotor, ensuring optimal compression. The fluid ahead of the rotor is pushed towards the discharge while the rebounding hose behind the rotor draws more fluid in. There are no seals, seats or valves in the flow path and the fluid contacts only the inner wall of the hose.

Maintenance consists of replacing a single hose element, a task that can be performed in minutes.

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