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Polymer metering capabilities advanced with the new Qdos 60 PU pump

  • Increasing demand for advanced polymer dosing systems in sludge applications
  • Launch of specialised Qdos 60 PU polymer metering pump
  • Extends polymer dosing capabilities for higher flow applications

With an expanding market worldwide for advanced polymer dosing systems, the introduction of the Qdos 60 PU peristaltic pump from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS) is a timely addition to the company’s range. It means operators can now deploy efficient, safe, and reliable polymer metering at any water or wastewater treatment plant.

Polymers are used mostly in coagulation and dewatering applications in the sludge treatment process. Dewatering sludge minimises sludge bulk, which can reduce the cost associated with storage and disposal by up to 75 per cent.

There are strong regulatory drivers globally for efficient sludge dewatering. Accurate and reliable metering of polymers in the sludge dewatering process is essential to ensure it is managed properly.

The Qdos 60 PU offers precise and repeatable flows for many hard to handle fluids, including viscous flows and aliphatic hydrocarbons, at linear flow rates of up to 60 l/h and pressures of up to 5 bar. The pump provides excellent compatibility for complex polymers such as polyacrylamide (PAM) and other flocculants and coagulants used in wastewater treatment.

Leveraging decades of engineering expertise and research and development experience at WMFTS, the Qdos 60 PU is optimised for low-shear, gentle pumping to protect polymer chains and maintain product integrity. As with the Qdos 20 PU, it uses an aliphatic hydrocarbon-resistant tubing material, enhancing chemical compatibility in peristaltic pumps.

Peristaltic pumps have notable advantages over diaphragm pumps in PAM metering applications, including enhanced accuracy and reliability. There is no need for diaphragms, valves, or seals that risk clogging.

The highly innovative design of Qdos pumps means the only part of the pump that ever requires replacing is the patented ReNu pumphead. The ReNu pumphead offers repeatable, accurate flow rates, and lasts longer for tough applications in the field. It takes less than a minute to replace the ReNu pumphead - a new pumphead is a new peristaltic pump, ready to serve again.


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Adeel Hassan, product manager at WMFTS said, “The new Qdos ReNu PU pumphead has extended the range of applications of our Qdos series. These versatile pumps can be used for accurate and safe dosing of liquids up to 120l/h and 7 bar pressure in various applications across a range of sectors. They are available in different sizes and control options depending on requirements.”

WMFTS expects market scope to grow significantly, particularly with the pump’s integral leak detection and chemical containment capability, which reduces operators' exposure to chemicals during maintenance.

At one wastewater treatment plant in Heide, Germany, the Qdos 60 PU metering pump is enabling the easy dosing of even hard-to-process polymers and other hydrocarbons.

“Engineers are reporting high levels of accuracy, ease of use and manoeuvrability, coupled with maximum process security,” said Peter Dohrn, wastewater treatment manager for the plant.

“The first pumphead ran smoothly for a year before we had to replace it, purely as a preventive measure, and the second has been working without any trouble for the last six months. Replacing the pumphead only takes a few minutes.”

Customers in the food and beverage industry can also benefit from the Qdos 60 PU pump as it is also compatible with fats, oils, and grease, and is Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Commission (EC) 1935/2004 certified.

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