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Peristaltic pump technology

Developed for application requirements, our range of peristaltic pumps offer an industry-leading solution to fluid handling challenges. Leveraging over 60 years of pump engineering experience, we are continuously working to innovate the latest technologies in fluid management.

Backed by a global network of technical and support teams, Watson-Marlow Pumps is an established fluid processing and handling partner. Our portfolio of pumps are scalable, robust and developed to optimize the performance of your process.

Developed with optimized performances in mind our peristaltic pumps deliver accurate and repeatable flow rates. Simplified safety and comprehensive connectivity capabilities help in ensuring operator safety. With no seals, valves, diaphragms or rotors to clog or wear, Watson-Marlow Pumps provide a simple, low-maintenance pumping solution in diverse applications.


Watson-Marlow close-coupled pump

Watson-Marlow close-coupled pump


  1. 530 process pumps

    530 process pumps

    Flow rates to 55 GPH and pressures up to 100 psi. Precise 2200:1 speed control range.

    Pumps - cased pumps

  2. 630 mid-flow process pumps

    630 mid-flow process pumps

    Flow rates to 4.76 GPM and pressures up to 60 psi. Precise 2650:1 speed control range.

    Pumps - cased pumps

  3. 730 process pumps

    730 process pumps

    Flow rates to 8.8 GPM and pressures up to 30 psi. Precise 3600:1 speed control range.

    Pumps - cased pumps

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