ReNu PU pumpheads for Qdos peristaltic pumps

ReNu PU pumpheads for Qdos peristaltic pumps

  • Proven for polymer dosing in water treatment applications
  • Accurate and repeatable flow for chemicals with a wide-range of viscosities
  • Process chemical containment reduces operator risks during maintenance

ReNu PU (Polyurethane) pumpheads for Qdos® peristaltic pumps deliver a superior polymer metering solution. Extending the capabilities of the existing range of Qdos pumpheads, ReNu60 PU offers accurate and repeatable flow for a broad range of chemicals including polyacrylamide (PAM) based emulsions and other viscous fluids and aliphatic hydrocarbons.
ReNu PU pumpheads are available in two sizes, delivering the same consistent performance at different flow rates.

  • ReNu 20 PU - up to 28 l/hr (7.7 GPH) at pressures up to 4 bar (58 psi)
  • ReNu 60 PU - up to 60 l/hr (15.8 GPH) at pressures up to 5 bar (73 psi)

Enhanced Polyacrylamide​ metering (PAM) performance

ReNu PU pumpheads respond to a growing worldwide demand for polymer dosing systems in wastewater treatment. The majority of these systems use polymers to dewater sludge to minimize its bulk. This reduces the cost associated with the disposal and storage of the cake by up to 75%. Existing users have experienced noticeably significant process and commercial improvements when using ReNu PU pumpheads as opposed to diaphragm metering pumps.

The polyurethane tubing pumphead is designed for simple one-minute maintenance, providing a safe solution and enhanced productivity in polyacrylamide (PAM) metering. This makes ReNu PU the ideal choice for de-watering and coagulation applications in water and wastewater treatment processes.

  • Excellent compatibility for complex polymers including PAM and other flocculants and coagulants used in water treatment
  • Low shear, gentle peristaltic pumping action protects complex polymer chain structures, protecting product integrity and quality
  • Highly accurate and repeatable linear flow rates
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In addition to PAM metering, the PU tubing is also compatible with various ingredients used in the food and beverage production and it carries international food-grade compliances (FDA regulations 21 CFR177.1680 and EC1935/2004, EU regulation 10/2011).

The PU tubing is also a material of choice for dosing oils, greases and fatty acids.


Proven to deliver dependable results

A well known utility provider on Lake Michigan, Illinois has confirmed the suitability of the ReNu PU for accurate polymer flocculant dosing. The company had a requirement to clean-up wastewater run-off from a limestone quarry; installing a Qdos pump fitted with a ReNu PU pumphead allowed them to meet water quality standards with a low maintenance, reliable solution.

A major UK brewery is also able to testify to the pumphead's effectiveness. The brewery used a diaphragm metering pump for polymer dosing. However, the small non-return valve within the diaphragm pump would easily become blocked by the polymer. In turn, the pump would require frequent cleaning, a process made more challenging by the fluid's high viscosity.

We don't have any such issues with the Qdos, which reliably doses polymer for around 12 hours every day,” says Mr Dave Burrows of SUEZ UK, who is responsible for the effluent plant at the brewery. "I really can't fault the reliability or simplicity of the Qdos pump or the ReNu PU pumphead. In addition, when the pumphead reaches its end of life, you get a useful notification. Replacement is quick and easy - we're up and running again with 5-10 minutes." The Qdos 20 ReNu PU has proved a complete success, with no issues experienced over an extended period of time.

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