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Bredel CIP hose pumps


Bredel CIP hose pumps

The Bredel CIP 40 and CIP 50 pumps are designed for food manufacture and other processes that require regular clean in place, with all the advantages of low shear, hygienic pumping. Recommended for sanitary processes, or other applications requiring regular cleaning of the process lines.

Chemical Compatibility Guide

Features and benefits

  • 3A and FDA certified
  • Food approved NBR pump hose, with NSF® registered food grade lubricant
  • Stainless steel sanitary connectors range includes DIN, ASA or JIS
  • Shoes on the rotor retract automatically for cleaning of pump element inside
  • Cam actuated electrically, pneumatically or manually
  • Maximum sterilization temperature 120 ºC
  • Bredel CIP 40 flow rates up to 42 GPM (4,800 L/h), pressures up to 232 psi
  • Bredel CIP 50 flow rates up to 77 GPM (8,500 L/h), pressures up to 232 psi

Technical summary

Max. flow rate continuous8760 L/h
Max. flow rate continuous2311 usgph
Volume per revolution1.33 - 2.92 L
Max. continuous operating speed50 - 60 rpm
Max. operating pressure16 bar
Max. operating pressure232 psi
Min. starting torque320 - 620 N m
Min. starting torque2832 - 5,487 in/lbs
Weight175 - 265 kg

Technical Summary table lists features available within the range. See ‘Technical specifications’ tab for model specific information.


CIP 40 performance

CIP 50 performance


Technical specifications

CIP 40CIP 50
Max. flow rate continuous4788 L/h8760 L/h
Max. flow rate continuous1263 usgph2311 usgph
Max. flow rate intermittent4788 L/h8760 L/h
Max. flow rate intermittent 1263 usgph2311 usgph
Volume per revolution1.33 L2.92 L
Volume per revolution0.35 usg0.77 usg
Max. continuous operating speed60 rpm50 rpm
Max. intermittent operating speed60 rpm50 rpm
Max. operating pressure16 bar16 bar
Max. operating pressure232 psi232 psi
Max. inlet pressure2.5 bar abs2.5 bar abs
Max. inlet pressure37 psia37 psia
Operating temperature range -20 to 45 °C-20 to 45 °C
Operating temperature range -4 to 113 °F-4 to 113 °F
Fluid temperature range -20 to 80 °C-20 to 80 °C
Fluid temperature range -4 to 176 °F-4 to 176 °F
Min. starting torque320 N m620 N m
Min. starting torque2832 in/lbs5487 in/lbs
Weight175 kg265 kg
Weight386 lbs584 lbs
Hose lubricant required10 L20 L
Hose lubricant required2.6 usg5.3 usg
Port configurationsDown, Left, Right, Up Down, Left, Right, Up 
Compatible hose materialsBioprene, CSM, EPDM, F-NBR, NBR, NR, NR Endurance Bioprene, CSM, EPDM, F-NBR, NBR, NR, NR Endurance 
Flange assembly typeANSI, DIN, JIS ANSI, DIN, JIS 

Please consult your Bredel representative for lower or higher temperature operation.

Allowable ambient temperature is based on pump capabilities and may be further limited by gearbox ambient capabilities.

CIP 40 dimensions

Type A B C C D Ød E F G H H1 Jmax K L L1 L2 M N O Q R
Bredel CIP 40 (mm) 702 412 2.5 10 430 40 110 454 508 615 325 414 64 * 260 80 25 700 25 18 110
Bredel CIP 40 (inches) 27.6 16.2 0.1 0.4 16.9 40mm 4.3 17.9 20.0 24.2 12.8 16.3 2.5 * 10.2 3.1 1.0 27.6 1.0 0.7 4.3

CIP 50 dimensions

Type A B C C D Ød E F G H H1 Jmax K L L1 L2 M N O Q R
Bredel CIP 50 (mm) 835 475 3 10 554 50 123 444 496 760 400 433 78 * 325 100 25 870 25 18 125
Bredel CIP 50 (inches) 32.9 18.7 0.1 0.4 21.8 50mm 4.8 17.5 19.5 29.9 15.7 17.0 3.1 * 12.8 3.6 1.0 34.3 1.0 0.7 4.9

Materials of construction

Hose materialBioprene, CSM, EPDM, F-NBR, NBR, NBR for food, NR, NR Endurance
HousingCast iron
Rotor assemblyCast iron
Cover assemblyCast iron
Brackets and fastenersStainless steel 316
Support frameGalvanized steel, Stainless steel 316
Hose clampsStainless steel 316



  1. Bredel pumps (US).pdf
    PDF - 2.4mb
  2. Precision machined hoses brochure (US).pdf
    PDF - 943.3kb


  1. Bredel CIP40,50 datasheet (EN).pdf
    PDF - 325.3kb


  1. Bredel CIP40, 50 manual (EN).pdf
    PDF - 3.2mb

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