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Chemical plant enjoys large gains in hose life following switch to Bredel pumps

Bredel 65 pump used to pump PCC

  • Bredel pumps achieve ROI within 12 months
  • Over €100,000 in TCO savings accrued over five years

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS) reports that a leading European company pumping PCC (precipitated calcium carbonate), has benefited from much extended production uptime thanks to switching to Bredel pumps and abrasive resistant hoses.

PCC has the same chemical formula as other types of calcium carbonate, such as limestone, marble and chalk: CaCO3. The substance is manufactured in the form of nanoparticles and used for products such as PVC, paints and cigarette papers. The waste from PCC production can be recycled, which is where optimised pump technologies can make a real operational difference.

Repeat failures

The company began experiencing issues with its PCC recycling operations within months of the installation of their previous transfer pumps. Repairs at a cost of €1500 were needed, together with long periods of downtime.

With frustration levels rising, the company turned to WMFTS, and its renowned Bredel hose pumps and the well documented benefits they bring in abrasive duties. The expert team of Bredel engineers therefore worked closely with the PCC manufacturer to ensure the pumps (and hoses) were optimised with regard to both reliability and output.

Bredel pump provides solution

The first Bredel 65 (65mm hose diameter) was installed at the company’s plant with a high level of support, to ensure the correct pipe runs, suction and discharge pressure. Suction is 9m long and 3m high, while discharge takes place at the same height over a length of 30m, with a pressure of between 2 and 7 bar.

The PCC waste contains sand and water, producing a slurry of between 100 to 1000 cPs viscosity (10-70% dry content is pumped to an oven). All the Bredel 65 pumps now installed at this site feature 3kW motors and run at 17 rpm over a 24/7 duty cycle. Flow rates range from 6 to 10 m3/h. 

In terms of hose life, the first Bredel 65mm diameter standard natural rubber hose lasted for 3,360,000 occlusions, or around 83 days (2000 hours). Bredel engineers were present when the hoses were changed to ensure customer confidence and pump reliability.

Bredel 65 pump used by a leading European company pumping PCC (precipitated calcium carbonate)

Bredel 65 pump used by a leading European company pumping PCC (precipitated calcium carbonate)

Further hose life improvements were then sought by checking pump speed, heat, back pressure and product dilution. As a result, hose life increased to 4,468,800 occlusions, which is equivalent to 110 days or 2660 hours, a 32% improvement. At this point, the company was encouraged to participate in the new Bredel NR Endurance hose trials. Running under the same conditions, the NR Endurance hose lasted 7,056,000 occlusions, approximately 175 days or 4200 hours, a further 57% gain.

Hoses such as Bredel’s NR Endurance material are constructed from high-quality compounded rubbers, reinforced with individual layers of braided nylon. The inner and outer layers of the hose are extruded and importantly, after construction, every hose is machined over the entire length, to ensure critical tolerances are maintained.

The hose element is critical to ensure Bredel peristaltic hose pump performance, durability and efficiency. Careful hose material selection, combined with correct pump installation, means that pump users benefit from much less downtime, less cleaning and reduced spares inventory.

Huge rewards

This European manufacturer’s decision to replace its previous pumps has proved hugely rewarding. In the first instance, downtime has been reduced from 24 hours to just 2 hours, providing a return on investment within a 12-month period. In the five years that Bredel hose pumps have been installed, the company has saved around €100,000 TCO (total cost of ownership) in this rugged and abrasive pumping application.

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