Reliable fluid transfer solutions in energy generation

WMFTS peristaltic pumps and fluid path solutions minimise production downtime and maximise efficiency for the renewable energy sector

Biogas is a renewable energy source which is increasing in popularity, but for biogas producers to operate economically their plants must be highly reliable, avoid costly downtime and achieve low operating costs.

Producing biogas efficiently requires effective and consistent pumping of viscous slurries and solids without clogging or maintenance downtime to ensure a dependable feed. Pumps need to operate in harsh anaerobic digestion conditions by handling abrasive and fibrous matter at high temperatures during various stages of the biogas production process, with the ability to run dry.

Low maintenance is vitally important in the economics of biogas plants, which are highly automated with few employees.

That is why biogas producers rely on robust and reliable Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS) peristaltic pumps—their bottom line depends upon it, while also contributing to the world’s efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

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Low maintenance peristaltic design offers a low total cost of ownership

apex pumps used in soda metering

APEX pumps used in soda metering

Unlike diaphragm, rotary or other pump types, with peristaltic pumps there are no valves, vanes or impellers in the fluid path to clog or fail.

As the fluid is safely contained within the hose or tube, employees and the environment are also protected from spillages or exposure to chemicals. 

Sustainable energy—or green energy—projects, which are contributing towards the drive to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to net zero, are utilising WMFTS peristaltic pumps and fluid path solutions for various applications:

  • Pumping high abrasive fly ash slurry at a coal-to-biomass plant
  • Removal of hydrogen sulphide from biogas and natural gas
  • Transferring hot, viscous and abrasive slurry and sludge to the pasteuriser, digester, or eventually to the liquid/solid separation at a biomethane production site
  • Dosing abrasive limestone slurry in flue gas desulphurisation (FGD) process at an energy-from-waste plant. Applications include lime recirculation to capture the sulphur and transfer of the gypsum (lime and sulphur) to the water treatment plant

Geopolitical and environmental factors are accelerating the transition to renewable energy sources. Also, rising energy and fuel prices are increasing interest in renewable sources with more installations of biogas plants each year.

With over 60 years of expertise and a global support network, WMFTS provides customers with the most effective fluid transfer solutions required to produce renewable energy and associated by-products like fertilisers.

Heavy-duty hose pumps and chemical metering pumps for the energy sector

We understand the demands of challenging biogas production applications and WMFTS offers a broad range of sustainable and reliable solutions for the transfer of viscous and abrasive materials.

Bredel industrial peristaltic hose pumps

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