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Bredel pumps transfer abrasive grout

Bredel pumps replace piston pumps in cement slurry projects

Bredel pumps transfer the abrasive grouting mix from the mixing tanks into the holds of the seafaring vessels and also pump the grouting during the deep cement mixing (DCM) operation. The pumps have overcome leakage and wear issues associated with the previous piston pumps, and reduced downtime, maintenance and spares costs.

  • Abrasive grouting mix no problem for Bredel pumps
  • 90 pumps form part of €1.8m Chinese concrete grouting projects at sea

In China, specially equipped engineering boats (about the size of small tugs) are fitted with concrete carrying silos or holds. The boats shuttle between tidal, pile driving and quayside construction sites to deliver concrete grouting in line with project requirements.

bredel grout case study

Proven to be the best choice

The pumps comprising 45 Bredel 65 models and 45 Bredel 80 models, were installed across six engineering boats and on quaysides.

Bredel hose pumps were selected in place of piston pumps, which on previous grouting projects created issues such as fluid leakage, component wear and unplanned maintenance. To comply with local Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) regulations and meet higher quality requirements, WMFTG got the opportunity to supply a Bredel pump for trial.

The success of the trial proved that Bredel technology could overcome the leakage and wear problems, thus reducing costs through greater uptime and reduced maintenance and spare parts. Also, a safer working environment was created.

Leakage and wear eliminated

The previous piston pumps struggled with the abrasive nature of the cement, sand and water mix discharged into the pile driver at pressures of over 10 bar.

The larger Bredel 80 models draw the slurry from the mixing tanks on the quayside into the hold at 330 l/min. These pumps run for approximately two hour periods at 29 rpm. The smaller Bredel 65 pumps, which meter the grouting on board the ships, run for the same amount of time (at 30 rpm), at a flow rate of 200 l/min.

All the pumps are controlled automatically via a PLC according to needs at each construction site.

Bredel hose pumps

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