Industrial applications

We have a solution for your specific application needs. View our products by application types to find the right solution to your fluid path needs.

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions is unique in being able to work with you to ensure your fluid transfer requirements are achieved. Our industrial peristaltic and sinusoidal pumps, hoses and tubing integrate seamlessly into your process control system, providing very low maintenance and low whole life cost.


  1. Ceramic industry

    Handle viscous clay slurries without air entrainment and accurately dose abrasive chemicals

  2. Chemical industry

    Accurate and safe chemical dosing pumps without seals, glands or valves to corrode or wear

  3. Paints and pigments

    Abrasive resistant and low friction pumps provide rapid pigment transfer and metering.

  4. Print and packaging

    Very low maintenance, non-foaming pumps for inks and coatings. Fast clean-down and no ink waste

  5. Pulp and paper

    Gain process confidence with accurate and reliable metering of additives and colours

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