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Our values

Learn more about the core values that help define our culture and make it a better place to work.

Values are the guiding principles that we use across the Group to underpin decision-making, guide our conduct and define our culture. By working together with these Values every day, we build a more prosperous and sustainable business and a better place to work.


The safety and wellbeing of people is our first consideration.

Safety logoWe care about people. We look after our safety and help others to stay safe. Staying alert and anticipating danger, we report hazardous situations and prevent accidents before they occur. We are proactive and look after our wellbeing.


We are more successful when we trust each other and work together.

Collaboration logoWe all bring unique qualities, and together a diverse team delivers much more than a collection of individuals. When we help others to feel included in the team, everyone has the opportunity to make their voice heard. Building relationships across the business allows us to work together, share our expertise and help others.

Customer focus

Customers are at the heart of our business.

Customer iconOur expertise, professional insight and passion are key to our success. We manage every stage of our interaction with external customers to ensure successful outcomes and good future relationships. We all have a customer to support, either external or internal. We achieve extraordinary results for our external customers by delivering on our commitments to our internal customers.


We approach challenges with passion, aiming for excellence in everything we do.

Excellence iconThe pursuit of excellence is a never-ending quest. No matter how much we may improve, we continuously strive for further improvements to build a sustainable business for the future. We must constantly grow our skills and use our strengths to drive higher performance and a sense of personal achievement.


Everyone matters, both inside and outside our company.

Respect iconPeople are important to us, and how we treat each other every day creates our experience of working here. We listen with respect because people feel valued when they feel heard and understood. Taking different and diverse perspectives into consideration, helps us generate new ideas and make better decisions. We are respectful of the natural environment and the local communities in which we operate.


We work in a way that is fair and honest, and we do the right thing at all times.

Integrity iconWe take pride in our commitment to integrity because success only matters when achieved fairly. We believe that winning with integrity leads to sustainable success. Fairness is important, we respectfully challenge where we see wrongdoing and ensure that everyone lives by our values.


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