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As we think sustainably, we are developing into a smarter, cleaner and safer business.

The strength of our business is underpinned by our commitment to act sustainably. Our work improves the environmental impact of our customers and increase their sustainability, just as we continuously strive to improve our own.

Part of our rapid geographical expansion in recent years has involved the creation of dedicated manufacturing sales and support facilities throughout the world. This means our products and our customers are backed by a supply chain that is resilient to external pressures and forces.

By taking account of our manufacturing, we can manage risk and create robust strategies to meet the challenges of tomorrow, wherever we are in the world.

As a technology company, we are at the forefront of innovation. To support this, we invest heavily in research, development and infrastructure. Our teams around the world are connected and encouraged to collaborate in the pursuit of excellence. This extends to our relationship with local communities and the environments where we work.


Our workplaces

We strive for Health and Safety excellence; promote diversity and equality, respect human rights; act in accordance with our Core Values and people policies; and invest in developing the skills of our people.

We do this to create safe, fair and professionally challenging workplaces where people are motivated to succeed.

Our communities

We are a force for good in our local communities.

We focus our attention on supporting education in the sciences and engineering, and support the disadvantaged, or disabled. As we engage with our communities we help to engineer better futures for people locally, develop the talent of future engineers and improve brand value.

Our environment

We take steps to minimise our environmental impacts and protect the planet’s valuable resources through reducing water and energy use, lowering our carbon emissions and minimising and managing effluent and waste.

Our supply chain

We will build a strong supply chain through continuous improvement and work with suppliers to drive high standards and incorporate sustainability factors into our product design.

Our customers

We will provide products and services that improve efficiency and productivity and reduce energy, water  and waste. By helping to improve the sustainability of our customers’ operations, we will build strong, long-term relationships, maintain our competitive edge and develop opportunities for growth.

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