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Peristaltic pumps help ice cream maker dose hot sauce with accuracy

Germany-based Paradies Eis is using the benefits of peristaltic pump technology to dose hot chocolate sauce into ice cream

Benefits include low pump maintenance requirements, excellent processing capabilities, high levels of accuracy and easy operation.

  • Paradies Eis benefits from accuracy and repeatability of 530 pumps
  • Pump and tubing combination handles high temperature of 60C
  • Robust and simple construction can be easily operated by different personnel, including temporary workers

There are over 50 varieties of ice cream in the company’s range.

“Varieties with our acclaimed chocolate sauce or a chocolate coating are especially popular at the moment,” explains Mr Steen, production manager.

Hot sauce

The chocolate has to be dosed at a temperature of around 60C into the ice cream, where the liquid mass then hardens again. Without valves, seals or moving parts in the fluid path, peristaltic pumps are ideal for operation in hygienic environments; the pumped media only comes into contact with the food quality Bioprene® tube which can handle temperatures up to 80C.

Moreover, media is pumped very gently and with extremely low shear forces, so product quality is never compromised.

Excellent processing

“From the beginning, we noticed that the quality of the Watson-Marlow 530 pump is completely different to that of our previous pumps,” says Mr Steen. “It runs quietly and evenly, and performs reliably with a high degree of accuracy.”

peristaltic pump ice cream

peristaltic pump ice cream

What’s more, the 530 pump is self-priming and capable of dry running, while thanks to its robust and simple construction, can be easily operated by different personnel, including temporary workers. This is especially important in a sector such as ice cream, which can witness large seasonal spikes in demand during periods of warm weather, necessitating the employment of temporary workers.

500 series cased pump

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