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High suction pumps reduce yeast harvesting time

High suction pumps reduce yeast harvesting time

Various brewers yeast strains transferred at full capacity without shear, thanks to high suction Sine pumps.

  • Virtually pulsation-free flow reduces system cavitation and makes harvesting process simpler
  • Target flow rate achieved for all yeast strains resulting in a reduction of yeast harvest time

Carlsberg brewery in Malaysia now has virtually pulsation-free transfer without the shear experienced with previous screw and lobe pumps.

Certa yeast harvesting

Certa pumps reduce yeast harvesting time


In extensive trials at the brewery, the following parameters were monitored

  • Yeast harvest flow rate in hl/h
  • Duration of yeast harvesting operation in hours
  • Percentage of dead cells in the harvested yeast

Following extensive trials in this application at Carlsberg, the high suction capability ensured a constant flow rate was achieved under varying conditions. The average yeast harvest time for one yeast strain was reduced by 56%.

Additionally, the continuous flow with virtually zero pulsation enabled much better control of the harvesting process with less beer wastage. Another observed benefit was the reduction of dead cells thanks to the gentle handling of the MasoSine pump.

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