Diaphragms for aseptic valves

A range of diaphragms that all meet Class VI standards and are FDA CFR 177.2600 compliant.

Three seals formed with valve body and behind-the-seat flow path.


  1. EPDM diaphragms

    EPDM diaphragms

    EPDM diaphragms. Not suitable for use with solvents or petroleum agents.

    Valves - diaphragms

  2. Viton diaphragms

    Viton diaphragms

    Excellent heat and chemical resistance. Not suitable for use with ketones and esters. Steam resistant version available.

    Valves - diaphragms

  3. PTFE diaphragms

    PTFE diaphragms

    Long-lasting, quick-change diaphragms. Extremely chemical and steam resistant. Only available for tank valves.

    Valves - diaphragms

Diaphragms in sectors