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Supporting Coronavirus Vaccine Development and Manufacture

Supporting the COVID-19 crisis

Supporting Coronavirus Vaccine Development and Manufacture

Our single-use technologies and process development systems are vital to vaccine manufacturers trying to fight the Coronavirus.

At this point in the spread of the virus, speed is of the essence and vaccine manufacturers need agile, reliable partners who can actively support them in this fight and also in the development of traditional vaccines and other essential medicines.

Development of a Coronavirus vaccine

Some of our products are currently being used by companies across the world to help in the fight against the virus.

  • Regeneron Pharmaceuticals are using our pumps to promote research.
  • Thermo Fisher is a crucial manufacturer of test kits for the COVID-19 disease, in addition to healthcare equipment and supplies used in fighting the outbreak.


Supporting our local communities - #allinthistogether

We are supporting our local communities around the world with an #allinthistogether project scheme.

Through this series of initiatives we are offering resources to healthcare professionals on the frontline, and to vulnerable members of our global community.

Our Bredel team in the Netherlands has donated glycerine to a local gin distillery, “the Bronckhorst”, to help in the production of 14.000 litres of hand sanitiser. The sanitiser will be distributed to hospitals, elderly homes and other organisations where people in need can use it. A real example of how companies and individuals are cooperating to fight the Covid-19 outbreak and help each other.


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Corona virus vaccine development


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