Cost-competitive vial fill/finish

Ensuring a cost-competitive solution to your small batch, fill/finish process, Flexicon’s variety of tabletop precision, vial fillers are fully compatible with SCHOTT’s bulk vials. 

Features of SCHOTT vials:

  • High chemical resistance to tight geometric tolerances
  • Secure storage of sensitive drugs
  • Low cosmetic defect levels


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schott vial

Photo courtesy of SCHOTT

Learn more about Flexicon tabletop vial filling solutions compatible with SCHOTT vials:

  1. Updated

    PF7/PF7+ table top filler

    PF7/PF7+ table top filler

    Tabletop aseptic filling machine for <0.2 ml to >250 ml. Accuracy of ±0.5 % on most volumes prevents costly overfilling.

    Aseptic filling - benchtop fillers

  2. Updated

    Table top crimp capping machines

    Table top crimp capping machines

    High quality crimp capping for bottles or vials. Prevent repetitive strain injuries. Fast changeover.

    Aseptic filling - capping machines

  3. FlexFeed 15/20

    FlexFeed 15/20

    Highly flexible solution for filling with no format parts for different vials/bottles up to 78 mm diameter.

    Aseptic filling - semi-automatic handling