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Water is critical to your mine site.

In dewatering processes throughout your operation, the high capacity, high pressure demands placed on your feed pumping equipment requires a reliable and robust engineering solution. Paired with the increased environmental concerns central to mining and mineral processing—from extraction through smelting and tailing management—our technology has been developed to bring efficiencies and cost benefits to your operation. 

The demands on a feed pump are characterised by the way your filter press works and understanding your operation is key to the solution we are able to provide. Our diverse product range is backed by a global network of mining specialists who will partner with you to provide engineering and fluid management solutions across your facility.

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Filter feed


Adopting the right technologies

Hose pump output is far less impacted by fluid dynamics such as paste density, viscosity, suction conditions and discharge pressure and are not affected by the abrasive/aggressive paste or slurry. 

As a further benefit, the use of hose pumps can reduce filter capacity by as much as 75%. With disc filters costing around
US $100,000 each, savings are substantial. Additionally, hose pumps consume far less water compared to other pumps. 

The only wear part is the hose, which can be replaced in-situ in a matter of minutes, without any requirement for special tools. Pumps are self-priming and capable of running dry safely.

  • Hose pumps have proven ability to transfer abrasive pastes and slurries
  • Handle 80% solids content in filter feed applications
  • No ancillary equipment, check valves, sealing water flush systems or run-dry protection required
  • Reduce filter capacity by as much as 75%

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