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Aflex Hoses perfectly designed for the transfer of delicate fluids at Oril Industrie

Aflex Hoses perfectly designed for the transfer of delicate fluids at Oril Industrie

Aflex Hoses perfectly designed for the transfer of delicate fluids at Oril Industrie

  • Aflex Hose’s range of Corroflon PTFE hoses has been selected by Oril Industrie’s pharmaceutical fine chemistry production site for the transfer of corrosive solvents.
  • This innovative range of PTFE-lined braided hoses was designed specifically to meet the needs of chemical and pharmaceutical product plants.
  • They are perfectly suited for the transfer of delicate fluids in compliance with the stringent cleanliness and safety requirements of these plants.

Oril Industrie produces nearly 2,000 tons of active ingredients per year which are used in prescription medication in the fields of cardiology, oncology, neuropsychiatry, diabetes and venous insufficiency. The plant, located in Bolbec, Normandy, employs 800 people. The site’s equipment from various manufacturers is fitted with approximately 1,000 hoses, most of which are used for the transfer of solvents. Some provide anti-static protection while others located in non ATEX zones are simply made of PTFE.

Oril Industrie’s plant was experiencing breakage issues with some of its existing hoses. As it was already equipped with a number of hoses from Aflex Hose, part of Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions, the Company consulted Watson-Marlow regarding the installation of 30 new hoses.

Corrosion resistant even under heavy use

Hoses were required for the transfer of highly concentrated hydrochloric and sulphuric acids, at a maximum pressure of 10 bar (145 psi). Anti-static protection was therefore essential. It was also imperative that all components comply with industry standard certifications, ATEX zone 2 as well as the materials 3.1 certificate. With temperatures likely to reach 50°C (122°F), Oril Industrie requested hoses with a thermal protection sheath. The hoses, which were to be subjected to intensive handling, had to be resistant.

Watson-Marlow recommended the Corroflon hose from Aflex Hose as it is designed for the transfer of chemical and process fluids. Its internal shallow convoluted structure allows for a full flow rate while ensuring exceptional flexibility. The selected model has been tested at an operating pressure of 41 bar (595 psi), significantly higher than that required. Aflex is the only manufacturer of PTFE hoses guaranteeing a minimum liner thickness of 1.5 mm for hoses size 1 and above. This ensures that the tubing is sufficiently resistant to prevent its profile altering under internal pressure, removing the consequent risk of increased porosity and premature breakage.

Corroflon met all the specificities of the application and is compliant with all required certifications including EN16643:2016, ATEX, FDA, 3-A 62-02, and the materials 3.1 certificate.


Recognised quality

Oril Industrie selected an anti-static PTFE internal liner as well as a polypropylene external braid. This type of braid is often preferred over stainless steel braids in applications involving frequent handling as the hose is able to move and withstand temperatures from -30°C to +100°C. Polypropylene braids are also lighter, withstand chlorine corrosion and generally provide greater resistance to chemical products.

Corroflon’s main advantage versus competitive products is its use of Hastelloy external braids and internal helix wires. Hastelloy C276 braids are used when chemicals, such as hydrochloric acid in the case of Oril Industrie, create severe corrosive conditions. The risk associated with this acid is the potential diffusion through the PTFE liner causing braid corrosion. With Hastelloy, both the bursting pressures and the maximum operating pressures are reduced by 80%, significantly reducing corrosion risk.

Oril Industrie recognises the quality of Aflex Hose products, as well as the extended service life they provide at a comparable cost. The collaboration with Watson-Marlow is ongoing and Oril Industrie plans to order more products.


Aflex Corroflon PTFE hoses

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