Fluid transfer solutions for the automotive industry

High-quality PTFE-lined hoses for fuel, coolant, transmission and steering

Helping engineers to innovate

Innovation has been at the forefront of automotive success over the past four decades. Whether you are seeking weight reduction, increased flexibility or kink resistance, Aflex have developed patented liners and unique processing techniques to meet your application requirements.

The Hyperline range

Our industry-leading Hyperline product range is at the forefront of component automotive engineering and fluid transfer. The hoses are particularly applicable for the tight configurations, where space requirements are limited. Stainless steel or polyaramid fibre braided, with plastic or rubber covers as additional options.

PTFE hoses developed for automotive engineering

Our expertise in hose engineering helps you meet the need for increased levels of durability and flexibility in automotive design. Our PTFE-lined hoses are chemically resistant and capable of handling high-temperature fluids, helping automotive professionals overcome their engineering challenges. 

Unlike rubber, Aflex stainless steel braided PTFE-hoses exhibit minimal volumetric expansion under pressure. When the brakes are applied, the callipers move immediately, without delay needed to expand a rubber hose.

Highly flexible and kink resistant, with a low force to bend, our hose technologies enable engineers to try new layouts and hose configurations.

Supplied with:

  • A natural or anti-static PTFE liner
  • Our patented, smooth bore liner for uninterrupted flow
  • Range of standard braid, cover and external protection options available

We go further in the design, development and production of our products than any other PTFE-lined hose manufacturer, working closely with our customers, to get the critical details right.

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