Flexible hose assemblies




With excellent flexibility and kink-free design requiring less force to bend than competitor smooth bore products, FaBLINETM offers a versatile hose solution throughout production processes. FaBLINE hoses carry up to twice the flow of similar-sized convoluted delivery hoses, providing a faster, more efficient processing solution. For applications where hoses are tasked to dispense highly viscous media in precise quantities, traditional rubber hoses can block or burst. FaBLINE’s low friction, smooth bore construction will minimise back-pressure to avoid downtime and material losses.

Features and benefits

  • Increased product service life for reduced replacement, downtime and labour costs
  • Reduced CIP downtime with cost savings on chemicals and utilities
  • Superior flow rates for shorter load/unload times and lower processing cost
  • Increased CIP chemical compatibility reduces cycle times and the risk of recall and product spoiling

Technical summary

Nominal bore size0.25 - 3 in
Outside diameter11.6 - 92.8 mm
Outside diameter0.46 - 3.654 in
Max. operating pressure40 bar
Max. operating pressure580 psi
Certification3.1 Traceability, 3-A 62-02, EC 1935/2004, EC 2023/2006, EN16643:2016, FDA (materials) 
Bend radius19 - 350 mm
Bend radius0.75 - 13.75 in
CoverEPDM, Platinum cured silicone rubber 

Technical Summary table lists features available within the range. See ‘Specifications’ tab for model specific information.


Technical specifications

Nominal bore size0.375 - 3 in0.25 - 3 in
Actual bore size9.7 - 76.8 mm6.6 - 76.8 mm
Actual bore size0.3 - 3.024 in0.26 - 3.024 in
Outside diameter15.5 - 92.8 mm11.6 - 92.8 mm
Outside diameter0.61 - 3.654 in0.46 - 3.654 in
Max. operating pressure40 bar40 bar
Max. operating pressure580 psi580 psi
Burst pressure60 - 160 bar60 - 160 bar
Burst pressure868 - 2,320 psi868 - 2,320 psi
Certification3.1 Traceability, 3-A 62-02, EC 1935/2004, EC 2023/2006, EN16643:2016, FDA (materials) 3.1 Traceability, 3-A 62-02, EC 1935/2004, EC 2023/2006, EN16643:2016, FDA (materials) 
Operating temperature range -40 °C to 150 °C-73 °C to 204 °C
Operating temperature range -40 °F to 300 °F-100 °F to 400 °F
Bend radius19 - 350 mm19 - 350 mm
Bend radius0.75 - 13.75 in0.75 - 13.75 in
Gamma stabilityNot suitable Not suitable 
Autoclave stabilitySuitable Suitable 
CoverEPDM Platinum cured silicone rubber 
Hose external protection optionsProtection coil, Safegard, Scuff rings Protection coil, Safegard, Scuff rings 
End fittingANSI 150, BSP and NPT threaded fittings, Cam and Groove and dip pipes, DIN 11851 fittings, DIN and JIS swivel flange, Hygienic SMS, IDF fittings, I-line, JIC fittings, RJT fittings, Sanitary triclamp fittings ANSI 150, BSP and NPT threaded fittings, Cam and Groove and dip pipes, DIN 11851 fittings, DIN and JIS swivel flange, Hygienic SMS, IDF fittings, I-line, JIC fittings, RJT fittings, Sanitary triclamp fittings 
Labelling optionsColour coding, Standard Colour coding, Standard, Streamline tagging 
Vacuum resistanceVacuum resistant to -0.9 bar Vacuum resistant to -0.9 bar 

Materials of construction

Helical wireStainless steel 316
Liner tubePTFE
Wire braidStainless steel 316



  1. FaBLine brochure (US).pdf
    PDF - 395.7kb


  1. FaBLINE RC Datasheet (US).pdf
    PDF - 237.6kb
  2. FaBLINE SI Datasheet (US).pdf
    PDF - 216.9kb

Other Resources

  1. configure-for-bend.pdf
    PDF - 164.2kb
  2. configure-for-abrasion.pdf
    PDF - 232.1kb
  3. length-calculation.pdf
    PDF - 192.4kb
  4. special-usage-conditions-fabl.pdf
    PDF - 145.7kb

ETH Hose Assembly


For use in applications where the temperature of the process fluid must be regulated as it passes through the hose. In some applications, an additional ‘melt out’ facility may also be required.


The heating element comprises self-regulating element spirally wrapped around the hose assembly. Self-regulating elements may require a sensor and controller if a specific maintain temperature is required. Please consult Aflex Hose for clarification. The power leads and (if applicable) temperature sensor leads emerge from the hose assembly at one end, through glands and conduits. The thermal insulation is foam rubber, silicone foam rubber. The outer cover a SS wire braid with a blue or EPDM rubber cover.


Each hose is custom designed and built. Application details must be supplied by filling in an “ETH Hose Questionnaire”, available from the website. Generally, for hazardous areas, particularly “Zone 1”, the self-regulating type of heating element is employed, with or without a temperature sensor and control, and flameproof glands and conduit are also required. The watts per metre of the heating element, the pitch of the spiral on the hose, and the thickness of the thermal insulation are all calculated in accordance with established formulae to give the required maintained temperature.


As for FaBLINE in Specifications, except that the minimum bend radius is tripled and the outside diameter and weight are significantly increased in line with the particular design. The maximum length of an ETH hose is 10m (33ft).


1” PTFE lined PN10 flange spigots on heated hoses can only have a maximum flare diameter of 50mm, not 63mm. If the hose is “hanging”, straight or at 90˚, under its own weight, special construction is required, so advise Aflex Hose accordingly. Minimum ETH Hose assembly length, when collars are used 1mtr.

ETH Hose Assembly ETH Hose Assembly

Options and accessories

Braids, Covers and External Protections

  Bioflex Ultra Pharmaline N Pharmaline X FaBLINE Corroflon Corroline+ Smoothbore Hyperline FX Visiflon
Tube only -TO        
Stainless Steel - SS        
Rubber Covered - RC          
Polypropylene Braid - PB              
Platinum Cured - SI        
  Bioflex Ultra Pharmaline N Pharmaline X FaBLINE Corroflon Corroline+ Smoothbore Hyperline FX Visiflon
Plastic Rubber option            
Kynar Braid                
Hastelloy Braid                
Blue EPDM            
Black EPDM            
External protections
  Bioflex Ultra Pharmaline N Pharmaline X FaBLINE Corroflon Corroline+ Smoothbore Hyperline FX Visiflon
Safeguard Protection Sleeve - SG      
Scuff Ring - SR      
Protection Coil - PC      
Double Rubber Cover End Protection - RC300        
Double Rubber Cover End Protection - DBK300        


End Fittings

  Bioflex Ultra Pharmaline N Pharmaline X FaBLINE Corroflon Corroline+ Smoothbore Hyperline FX Visiflon
Swivel Flange Fittings - Non-Lined      
Swivel Flange Fittings - Lined          
Cam & Groove Fittings Male Non-Lined      
Cam & Groove Fittings Male Lined          
Cam & Groove Fittings Female Non-lined      
Cam & Groove Fittings Female Lined          
Sanitary Triclamp Fittings PTFE Lined and Flared            
Sanitary Triclamp Fittings - Non-Lined      
Sanitary & Mini Sanitary      
Sanitary Triclamp Fittings - 90° Elbow Fitting      
DIN 11851 / SMS Fittings - PTFE Lined            
DIN 11851 Fittings - Non-Lined      
RJT Female Fittings - Non-lined      
BSP & NPT Threaded Fittings - NPT & BSPT Fittings
BSP & NPT Threaded Fitting - BSP 60° Cone seat female fittings
JIC Fittings
PTFE Dip Pipe Fittings        
3-A Sanitary Fittings          
90° Elbow Fitting
Grooved Standpipe Fittings
IDF Female / Male - Non-lined        
ENCAP Fittings        
PTFE Tail or Hydraulic Fittings            
PTFE Tail Fittings          

How to order

Specify all requirements in order shown below:

  • Quantity
  • Hose size
  • PTFE Liner
  • Braid
  • External Cover
  • Protection system
  • Length
  • End fittings
Written description 4 off x 1” bore FaBLINE, AS, SS, RC, x 3.00 metres long. Both ends non-lined ANSI 150# S/S Flanges
Part numbers 4 off Part No. 16-AFXF/AS-RC-00-3.00m-12-12


Special requirements:

  • Hose construction
  • Tagging information
  • Certification
  • Special testing

Specify full written description on enquiry or purchase order:

Hose Grades

PTFE liner Braids Rubber covers
Natural (GP) 316 stainless steel (SS) Rubber cover (RC)
Antistatic (AS)   Platinum cured silicone (SI)
    Blue EPDM rubber cover (BK)

External protections available – see braid, covers and end fittings page.

FabLine  assembly length and limitations


Hose length + end fittings = Total hose assembly length (sealing face to sealing face)

Lengths made to customer requirement.

Tolerance +2 %/-0 %. Closer tolerances available to special order.

Nominal Size of Hose Minimum Hose Length Used Straights Minimum Hose Length Flexed through 90 ° Maximum Hose Assembly Length
in dn in mm in mm ft mtrs
1/4 6 3 75 3 75 100 30
3/8 10 3 75 3 75 100 30
1/2 15 3 75 3 75 100 30
5/8 16 3 75 3 75 100 30
3/4 20 3 75 4 100 100 30
*7/8 22 3 75 4 100 100 30
1 25 4 75 4.33 110 100 30
11/4 32 4 100 6.3 160 100 30
*1 3/8 35 4 100 7.48 190 100 30
1/2 40 4 100 8.66 220 100 30
*1 7/8 48 4 100 11.81 300 100 30
2 50 4 100 12.4 315 100 30
21/2 65 4 100 18.7 475 60 18
3 80 4 100 21.65 550 50 15


End Fittings

Large range of ‘standard’ end fittings available.

Special order—non-standard grades of SS or materials such as Hastelloy or Monel.

Specification Equivalents
Grade BS
British Standard
American Standard or
C = Casting Grade
European Norm
316L SS BS 316 S11 AISI 316 L EN1.4404
316C SS BS 316 C16 CF8M EN 1.4408
304 SS BS 304 S15 AISI 304 EN 1.4301

Case studies

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