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Watson-Marlow Pumps for Biotechnology

Watson-Marlow accurate, low maintenance peristaltic dosing, transfer and dispensing pumps

Peristaltic pump technology

Developed for application requirements, our range of peristaltic pumps offer an industry-leading solution to fluid handling challenges. Leveraging over 60 years of pump engineering experience, we are continuously working to innovate the latest technologies in fluid management.

Backed by a global network of technical and support teams, Watson-Marlow Pumps is an established fluid processing and handling partner. Our portfolio of peristaltic pumps are scalable, robust and developed to optimise the performance of your process.

Our peristaltic pumps deliver optimised performances in a wide variety of applications, from pharmaceutical and biotechnology processes that demand sterility and precision, to highly corrosive slurries typically seen in precious metal processing. 

Key products

  1. 530 process pumps

    530 process pumps

    Flow rates to 3.5 L/min (55 USGPH) and pressures up to 7 bar (100 psi). Precise 2,200:1 speed control range.

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  2. 100 series cased pump

    100 series cased pump

    Flow rates to 190 ml/min (3.04 USGPH) and pressures up to 2 bar (30 psi). Speed control up to 10,000:1.

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Single-use pumps

Quantum bioprocessing pump

Quantum is an innovative bioprocessing pump providing a step-change in pump technology. 

Quantum is specifically designed for tangential flow filtration (TFF), virus filtration (VF), and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) applications. Quantum delivers flow linearity throughout the 3 bar single-use processing pressure range up to 20 L/min, leading the market with virtually no pulsation 0.12 bar pressure stability. 

  • Flow rates from 5.33 ml/min to 20 L/min
  • 4,000:1 speed control range from 0.1 to 400 rpm in 0.1 rpm increments
  • Patented ReNu SU cartridge technology


Panel mount pumps

All panel mount pumps
  1. 100 series flip-top pumps

    100 series flip-top pumps

    Iconic flip-pumps for low flows up to 510 ml/min. Accurate flow performance to medium pressures.

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  2. 300 series flip-top pumps

    300 series flip-top pumps

    Iconic flip-top pumps for medium flows to 2,000 ml/min. Extendable up to 6 channels.

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  3. 400/RXMD precision medical pump

    400/RXMD precision medical pump

    Precision pump for surgical cooling applications which require flow control to specified, high pressures.

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  4. 500 series high-flow pumps

    500 series high-flow pumps

    Durable, single channel pumps for high flows to 3,500 ml/min. Supports continuous tubing and Loadsure elements for high pressures.

    Pumps - panel mount pumps

All panel mount pumps

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