Fill/finish and capping solutions

Our unique pump and tubing combination provide exceptional filling accuracy, preventing costly overfilling.

  • Fully validated aseptic single-use fluid paths reduce contamination risks and simplify product and batch changeovers
  • Highly flexible and scalable solutions, with consistent contact materials, making process scaling easy

Filling biological products needs equipment with precision and accuracy, that has no effect on fluid integrity and no risk of contamination. Flexicon aseptic filling solutions protect product integrity and eliminate contamination during fill finish.

The low shear, gentle pumping action of Flexicon peristaltic fillers ensures your product is not damaged. Designed for use as stand-alone benchtop dispensers or part of a fully integrated filling machine. Repeatable dispensing accuracy of up to ±0.5% is achieved by precise speed control, calibration and positive displacement action.

Our ‘on-campus’ manufactured tubing is fully validated, post-cured for high purity and laser-etched for traceability. Flexicon’s Accusil tubing is designed specifically for filling applications, providing unrivalled filling accuracy. Accusil provides a single-use technology facilitating rapid process validation and changeover.


  1. PF7/PF7+ table top filler

    PF7/PF7+ table top filler

    Tabletop aseptic filling machine for <0.2 ml to >250 ml. Accuracy of ±0.5 % on most volumes prevents costly overfilling.

    Aseptic filling - benchtop fillers

  2. 520Di dispensing pumps

    520Di dispensing pumps

    Dispensing pump for flow rates to 3.5 L/min (55 USGPH) and pressures up to 4 bar (60 psi).

    Aseptic filling - benchtop fillers

  3. 620Di dispensing pump

    620Di dispensing pump

    Dispensing pump for flow rates to 18 L/min (4.76 USGPM) and pressures up to 4 bar (60 psi).

    Aseptic filling - benchtop fillers

  4. Accusil tubing

    Accusil tubing

    Tubing for accurate filling with excellent dispensing accuracy ± 0.5 %. Eight sizes available.

    Single-use assemblies

  5. FlexFeed 15/20

    FlexFeed 15/20

    Highly flexible solution for filling with no format parts for different vials/bottles up to 78 mm diameter.

    Aseptic filling - semi-automatic handling

  6. FlexFeed 30

    FlexFeed 30

    Highly flexible solution for filling and capping of bottles. Handles screw, pipette or other caps with a special shape.

    Aseptic filling - semi-automatic handling

  7. FMB210


    Fully-automatic systems for production. Highly accurate filling of volumes from less than 0.2 ml to more than 250 ml.

    Aseptic filling - fully automatic systems

  8. FPC60


    Uniquely configurable fill/finish system. Innovative design with a wide variety of options to suit all requirements.

    Aseptic filling - fully automatic systems


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