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ReNu pumphead technology offers, accurate and repeatable flow for polymer dosing

New ReNu pumphead designed for use with Qdos pumps

  • Proven for polymer dosing in water treatment applications 
  • New Qdos 20 ReNu PU pumphead offers accurate and repeatable flow for chemicals with a wide-ranging viscosity
  • Process chemical containment, reduces operator risks during maintenance

New ReNu pumphead technology offers, accurate and repeatable flow for polymer dosing

The launch of a new pumphead designed for use with the award-winning Qdos range of peristaltic metering pumps has been announced by Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions. Qdos 20 with the ReNu™ PU pumphead offers repeatable flow of 28 l/hr at 4 bar (7.67gph at 60psi) for fluids of wide-ranging viscosity whilst metering accuracy is assured to ±1%. 

The Qdos 20 ReNu PU responds to a growing worldwide demand for polymer dosing systems in wastewater treatment. The majority of these systems use polymers to dewater sludge to minimise its bulk, thus reducing the cost associated with the disposal and storage of the cake by up to 75%. Users of the pumphead already reveal significant process improvements for dosing polymers, when compared to diaphragm metering pumps. 

The ReNu PU pumphead is designed to deliver maximum process uptime. This is facilitated by rapid, safe and easy pumphead removal and replacement. There is no need for specialist tools and no requirement for specially trained on-site maintenance technicians. 

Moreover, the ReNu PU pumphead offers integral leak detection and chemical containment; an important point as cleaning up polymer spillages can be hazardous to operatives and time consuming. 

Customer feedback

A major utility provider on Lake Michigan, Illinois has confirmed the suitability of the ReNu PU for the accurate dosing of polymer flocculants. The company had a requirement to clean-up wastewater run-off from a limestone quarry; installing a Qdos pump fitted with a ReNu PU pumphead allowed them to meet water quality standards with a low maintenance, reliable solution. 

New ReNu pumphead technology

New ReNu pumphead technology offers, accurate and repeatable flow for polymer dosing

A major UK brewery is also able to testify to the pumphead’s effectiveness. The brewery used a diaphragm metering pump for polymer dosing. However, the small non-return valve within the diaphragm pump would easily become blocked by the polymer. In turn, the pump would require frequent cleaning, a process made more challenging by the fluid’s high viscosity.

“We don’t have any such issues with the Qdos, which reliably doses polymer for around 12 hours every day,” says Mr Dave Burrows of SUEZ UK, who is responsible for the effluent plant at the brewery. “I really can’t fault the reliability or simplicity of the Qdos pump or the ReNu PU pumphead. In addition, when the pumphead reaches its end of life, you get a useful notification. Replacement is quick and easy – we’re up and running again with 5-10 minutes.” The Qdos 20 ReNu PU has proved a complete success, with no issues experienced over an extended period of time.

Qdos with ReNu pumphead

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