Qdos CWT™

An evolution in long-life chemical metering

Qdos® Conveying Wave Technology

Qdos CWT is the next level in high performance for our industry leading Qdos range of chemical metering pumps. Conveying Wave Technology (CWT) delivers all the benefits of a peristaltic pump, but with significantly longer service life than traditional tube designs. Qdos CWT gives superior accuracy in chemical metering and dosing applications while eliminating expensive ancillary equipment.

The sealed pumphead minimises operator exposure to chemicals, and can be safely changed in less than a minute

  • Flow rates to 500 ml/min at up to 9 bar
  • Long service life at high pressure
  • Reliable, low-maintenance metering



qdos cwt

Advancing our industry leading Qdos series

Qdos CWT is built on established Qdos drive technology. The Qdos series has a wide range of communication and connection options. Operator and environmental safety is assured through:

  • Sealed pumphead for chemical containment
  • Leak detection software
  • Failure alarm capabilities

Qdos CWT pumps provide outstanding chemical dosing accuracy in sustainable water treatment applications. Pumps do not suffer vapour locking and consistently dose chemicals including sodium hypochlorite, without the need to overdose to ensure reliable treatment.

The pumps are unaffected by ambient temperature variations and will provide long service life, lowering the cost of ownership.

qdos pump with cwt30 pumphead

What is Conveying Wave Technology™?

Conveying Wave Technology employs the peristaltic principle to operate a unique fluid contact element. To achieve the peristaltic pumping action, the pump incorporates an EPDM element rather than a tube, which acts against a PEEK track. As a result the fluid contact elements is subjected to very low stress levels. In use, this means a Qdos® CWT™ pump will deliver significantly longer service life than a traditional pump.

CWT with its unique fluid contact element has the following benefits:

  • No gas locking
  • Stable performance, even with temperature and pressure fluctuations
  • Mechanical restitution provides consistently high accuracy for the life of the pump

Case study

Chemical feed pump reduces maintenance and improves safety at California water reclamation facility

qdos cwt oceanside


The City of Oceanside, California’s San Luis Rey Water Reclamation Facility was experiencing issues with its pumps feeding sodium hypochlorite in the post‑chlorination cycle.

Replacing the diaphragm pumps with Qdos peristaltic metering pumps saw a decrease in the need for maintenance and a significant reduction in the risk of chemical exposure for workers. However, operating pressures rising to over 60psi were exceeding the pumps’ operating parameters.

The higher pressure operating demands were a perfect match for the new Qdos® CWT.

The innovative design of the Qdos pump with Conveying Wave Technology ensures consistent, long-life performance at consistently higher pressures up to 100psi, unaffected by vapour locking from chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite and associated vapour locking that can cause some pump types to underperform. Maintenance, when required, is quick and safe through tool‑free pumphead replacement


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Qdos® CWT is the next level in high performance for our industry leading Qdos® range of chemical metering pumps.

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