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Webinar: High performance chemical dosing

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Key discussion points include:

  • The challenges water companies and utilities usually face
  • Enhancing specific applications within a treatment process
  • What the future holds in terms of new research and development within chemical metering ​

The panel consists of engineering professionals and water treatment specialists from RSE (Ross-shire Engineering) and WMFTS:

Bruce Quilter ​- Sales Skills Training Manager, WMFTS

Eddy Smeaton - Senior Regional Engineering Consultant, WMFTS

Gary Callachan ​- Project Engineer, RSE (Ross-shire Engineering)

Jo Weekes - Regional Sales Manager Northern Europe, WMFTS


For industrial processing operations, standards in health and safety and environmental compliance are of critical importance. There are significant reputational and financial consequences for putting people, products or the environment at risk through poorly managed systems and processes.

Industrial processing uses vast volumes of water. In recent years, the global population has gained a fresh perspective on the importance of water on our planet. More active consideration of the use and re-use of water across industrial and domestic life has been accelerated by the pandemic, with a 2021 WHO report stating that 1 in 3 people worldwide could not clean their hands with soap and water in their home at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.[1]

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), targets set by the WHO, are placing the responsibility on industries and governments throughout the world. In turn, those responsible have to supply clean water for industrial processes and domestic use, coupled with the assurance that dirty water is safely treated before it returns to the environment.

The challenge requires process equipment that is dependable, versatile and maximizes productivity. At Watson-Marlow, we partner with customers throughout the world as they seek to develop and enhance their water treatment processes.

This webinar looks at the critical process of water treatment in industrial production and explores how best practice in chemical dosing is a key factor in mitigating risks from breaches in health and safety and compliance.

With water an increasingly scarce resource, sustainability is also an important consideration. This webinar also looks in more depth at the sustainability issues with support from RSE (Ross-shire Engineering) on how companies have optimized operating processes and reduced their environmental footprint.

[1]   ‘Billions of people will lack access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene in 2030 unless progress quadruples’ - WHO

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