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FCE50L flexible screw capping machine

Flexible screw capping with precise electronic torque and data logging

The FCE50L benchtop screw capping machine is perfect for bottles between 35 mm and 240 mm in height, with caps between 12 mm and 42 mm diameter. Applied torques are logged for batch reporting.

The machines have a capacity of approximately 720 capped vials per hour depending on the operator and style of caps.

Features and benefits

  • Reduce process validation costs for screw capping of multiple vial and bottles
  • Log applied torques for batch reporting
  • Electronic torque control with an accuracy of better than ±10 Ncm / ±0.9 lbs-inch
  • Prevent bottle leakage due to pressure changes during air transport
  • Protect the properties of your liquid
  • Reduce repetitive strain injuries of operators
  • Precision capping torque better than ±10 Ncm
  • Ensure that caps can be released manually

Technical summary

Screw cap diameter range12-42 mm
Max. bottle/vial diameter100 mm
Max. bottle/vial height240 mm

Technical Summary table lists features available within the range. See ‘Specifications’ tab for model specific information.


Technical specifications

Accuracy±10 Ncm
Accuracy±0.9 lbs-inch
Ingress ProtectionIP22, IP54 
Torque rating0.5-4.5 
Power supply200 V to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz 
Power consumption100 W 
Air supplyMin. 5bar, Max. 10 l/min 
Weight47 kg
Weight104 lbs
Screw cap diameter range12-42 mm
Max. bottle/vial diameter100 mm
Max. bottle/vial height240 mm

FCE50L dimensions

Materials of construction

CaseworkAluminium (anodised)



  1. FCE50L brochure (EN).pdf
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