Meat and poultry

The low shear operation of our pump reduces “smear” in ground meat applications and provides greater product integrity in whole muscle poultry slurries.

Watson-Marlow’s superior suction capability and low pulsation design provide a smooth, consistent flow of product.

A reliable pump capable of handling flexible solids in a repeatable manner is required to deliver a constant feed of complete meat to the processing lines.

MasoSine pumps are well established in the food industry for transferring fluids containing soft solids. The low-shear design, low maintenance pumps ensure superior solids handling to reduce wastage, minimise damage and produce a higher quality end product for the meat and poultry industry.


  • Suction lift capabilities for filling transfer
  • Flexible solid handling with reduced labour costs
  • Lower operating speeds give increased hose life

Key products

  1. Certa pump

    Certa pump

    Low shear, virtually no pulsation EHEDG Type EL Aseptic Class I certifed pump. Up to 50 % less power than other pumps.

    Pumps - sine pumps

Products by brand

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