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Maxthane tubing elements

Precision dosing and metering


Maxthane® is the perfect choice for peristaltic dosing and metering applications.

The long service life of Maxthane tubing  makes it ideal for flavour, colour and additive dosing in food manufacturing. The tubing elements are compatible with all types of food oil and CIP chemicals.

Food-grade compliance

  • FDA regulations 21 CFR177.1680 compliance
  • EC1935/2004, EU regulation 10/2011


FDA and EC1935 icons

Maxthane accelerates and simplifies your maintenance process

Quick change LoadSure element ensures easy changeover. During maintenance, the operator simply replaces the element in the pumphead.

Fully recyclable thermoplastic polyurethane tubing construction achieves high-performance pumping with reduced environmental impact. Use Maxthane with 520RET pumpheads.

Size and format options

LoadSure® elements

Pressure ratings Pressure ratings

3.2 mm

0-7 bar 0-100 psi

6.4 mm

0-4 bar 0-60 psi

9.6 mm

0-2 bar 0-30 psi

Products and literature

  1. 530 process pumps

    530 process pumps

    Flow rates to 3.5 L/min (55 USGPH) and pressures up to 7 bar (100 psi). Precise 2,200:1 speed control range.

    Pumps - cased pumps