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The difference between non-lined and PTFE lined end fittings for Aflex hoses

Non-Lined and PTFE Lined fittings

Aflex Hose always ensures that all our PTFE hose assemblies are compatible with the working conditions required for today’s markets and what they demand and expect. Whether it is anti-static or natural PTFE liner, which external cover suits the application and should the end fittings be PTFE lined or Non-lined?

Aflex PTFE hose assemblies

The differences between the Non-Lined and PTFE Lined fittings are clearly defined:

Non-lined end fittings

  • Inserted into the bore of the hose. 
  • All surface finishes are to ASME BPE-SF-O (Specified finishes can be requested)
  • The bore of hose is reduced at this section of hose and entrapment zones can be created.

Aflex Hose then brought into play their revolutionary design, ensuring the highest possible levels of control over quality, delivery and made on our state-of-the-art CNC machines.

PTFE Lined end fittings

  • Bore matches hose
  • No internal entrapment zones
  • 100% cleanability
  • Improved production times
  • All wetted parts are PTFE
  • The tube is pulled through the fitting and PTFE imitates the exact fitting sealing face

Aflex Hose PTFE hose assemblies

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