Panel mount pumps

Precise performance and simple integration for OEMs

Watson-Marlow panel mount pumps featuring our next generation, closed-loop control technology, which delivers enhanced speed control for accurate flow rates, coupled with cool and quiet performance. Featuring Industrial Ethernet, digital and analogue control, DriveSure is easy to test, optimize and install. This saves project time and reduces risk.

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  1. 400/M series compact pumps

    400/M series compact pumps

    One to eight channel pumps for medium flows to 200 ml/min. Compact design and Luer connectors for 'fit and forget' applications.

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  2. 100 series low-flow pumps

    100 series low-flow pumps

    Iconic flip-top pumps for flows up to 500 ml/min. Accurate flow performance to medium pressures.

    Pumps - panel mount pumps

  3. 500 series high-flow pumps

    500 series high-flow pumps

    Durable, single channel pumps for high flows to 3,500 ml/min. Supports continuous tubing and Loadsure elements for high pressures.

    Pumps - panel mount pumps

  4. Speed control boards

    Speed control boards

    Speed control boards with manual, remote or auto control. External potentiometer.

    Pumps - panel mount pumps