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Accelerating personalized medicine

How the pandemic is driving innovation in bioprocessing

Find out about the challenges of manufacturing personalised medicines and the lessons learned from the pandemic with personalised medicine and vaccine-producer Oxford Biomedica, Franz Ziel and Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group.

Join our webinar to hear from Les Southam, QA Manager, Projects at Oxford Biomedica UK; James Drinkwater, Head of GMP Compliance and Aseptic process integration at Franz Ziel and from WMFTG’s Peter Birch and Dr Sade Mokuolu.

The panellists will discuss:

  • The potential of personalised medicines to treat previously untreatable diseases
  • Bioprocessing challenges of these novel medicines and smaller patient groups
  • The advantages of single-use and automation in ensuring sterility and preventing contamination
  • Technologies currently being used in the production of ATMPs
  • Scaling out to scale up production
  • Collaboration and customer-supplier relationships
  • The learnings being made from vaccine manufacturing during the pandemic and how this will benefit wider medicine production

Oxford Biomedica is working with Franz Ziel to develop a combined formulation-fill-finish process for its Lentiviral vectors. The process incorporates WMFTG’s Flexicon FPC60 and the panellists will share their learnings from the design of this system, the challenges they’ve overcome and the impact this will have on the development and delivery of life-saving personalised medicines.


The traditional model for the pharmaceutical industry has focused on the development of blockbuster broad-spectrum medicines that treat millions of patients globally. However, these medicines often do not work for large groups of patients and many diseases still lack effective treatments. The industry is therefore turning to the potential of personalised medicines which use developments in genetics and bioinformatics to target specific groups of patients.

These medicines target much smaller patient groups and are often novel medicinal products, resulting in new challenges for the bioprocessing industry. High development costs and smaller market sizes, as well as the urgent need for these treatments, mean that product loss must be minimised. It is also essential to maintain sterility and prevent contamination while optimising efficiency.

Designing processes which successfully deliver these high value and often sensitive medicines efficiently has resulted in significant developments in processing design. In this webinar, our experts will share the insights they have gained from working in the industry including the development of a new formulation-fill-finish line for Oxford Biomedica’s LentiVector® production. They will also discuss the potential progress to be gained from developments in vaccine production during the pandemic.

Join the webinar to hear from these global experts on the bioprocessing challenges of personalised medicines and ATMPs, the latest developments in the industry and the potential for the future.

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