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Aflex Bioflex Ultra solves string of problems for leading supplier to the life sciences industry

Aflex Bioflex Ultra solves string of problems for leading supplier to the life sciences industry

  • Three hose brands failed to satisfy the process and safety requirements of a leading supplier to the life sciences industry, based in Singapore
  • Aflex Bioflex Ultra hose overcame all problems with excellent insulation, flexibility and leak prevention

A leading supplier to the life science industry based in Singapore experienced problems with three different hose brands which failed to meet its fluid processing needs. By switching to the Aflex Bioflex Ultra hose by Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS), the company found a bespoke solution that enabled it to meet all its process and safety requirements.

Problems with previous hoses

Having installed a jacketed bioreactor with associated flexible hoses to circulate fluid, the company faced several issues due to the low temperatures required by their processes. Running the process at -5 C, led to condensation forming on the hoses, which then fell onto the cleanroom floor, causing safety and good manufacturing practice (GMP) issues.

To overcome this problem, an alternative hose was selected with a cover to insulate the hose and prevent condensation forming. However, this was not an adequate solution as condensation still leaked out of the covers. The new hoses were not flexible and acquired kinks, while leaks also occurred at the crimping spot where the hoses connected to the reactor.

A third type of hose, specially designed to solve the previous issues, was selected, this time with a sleeve to prevent condensation and a metal cover over the hose to prevent leaks. Once again kinks formed in the hose and the sleeve was unable to prevent condensation forming and falling to the floor.

Reputation of expertise

The company then decided to work directly with WMFTS due to its reputation for high-quality products and problem-solving ability. Having worked with WMFTS in the past, the company was confident that it would be able to solve these problems where three other hose brands had failed.

Aflex bioflex hose
Safety as a priority

WMFTS prioritises safety and GMP compliance in all applications and therefore recognised the need for a reliable solution. The Aflex Bioflex Ultra hose was selected to overcome the safety problems caused by condensation. With a PTFE lining, the hose is well insulated, resulting in no condensation at low temperatures and remaining easy to handle in high-temperature processes. Unlike other designs, the insulation is integral to the hose design, ensuring it will prevent condensation throughout the hose life.

Ensures all requirements are met

The Aflex Bioflex Ultra not only removed the safety risks but was also chosen for its flexibility and kink resistance. WMFTS engineers liaised directly with the factory to integrate the new hoses into the existing process ensuring that all requirements were satisfied. The hose was securely connected, and a rubber cover was used so that the ends were not exposed, eliminating both the risk of leaks and also any cleaning issues.

WMFTS’s experience providing fluid management solutions to the biopharmaceutical industry enabled its engineers to find the optimal hose, overcoming all the issues associated with the previous hoses. This bespoke approach to problem-solving gives customers the confidence that WMFTS will provide effective and reliable products for all fluid handling processes.

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