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Certa Compact for Food and Beverage Applications

Selecting the best pump technology begins with an analysis of the entire process system including required flow rate and pressure, piping and fluid viscosity. Where customer processes change over time, for example with the need to scale or adapt to a different viscosity of product, WMFTS engineers can advise on the most suitable pump from the Certa SineR range.

The introduction of the Certa Compact is the latest addition to our line of Certa Sine pumps for food and beverage applications.


Certa Sine pumps

assess pump efficiency for food and beverage applications

Integrator customers say that one of the key challenges they face is how to maximize space for a food and beverage installation without compromising on the quality of the pump. In response, WMFTS has recently expanded its Certa SineR pump range with an innovative new space-saving model, the Certa Compact. The innovative design of this model enables a 30% footprint reduction compared to the existing Certa Sine pump range while maintaining the integrity of a premium pump and is ideal for applications up to 87 PSI. 

The Certa Compact offers the same celebrated product features that customers will be familiar with from the existing Certa Sine pump range but with a more flexible and simplified design that saves valuable assembly time and cost for an integrator during the installation project.

Mid-range lobe pumps are traditionally selected as an economic solution for less demanding applications, but they do not have the same performance benefits of a Sine pump. With the introduction of the Certa Compact a customer can enjoy the superior performance of Sine technology such as gentle handling and powerful suction but with a competitive format that represents the best all round choice for a wide range of applications. Additionally, Certa SineR pumps typically require up to 50% less power than conventional pumps used in viscous fluid handling resulting in energy savings for the end user.

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