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Major Brazilian brewery adopts Certa technology at its many plants

Major Brazilian brewery adopts Certa technology at its many plants

Operating at over 120 breweries of varying output in Brazil, the brewery has ensured rapid and low shear yeast transfer by adopting Certa sine pumps. The flow rates at the different plants range from 8,000 to 12,000 liters per hour, with Certa pumps running seven days per week.

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  • Yeast recovery has now increased by an impressive 33%
  • Certa pumps reduced maintenance downtime
  • Sine pump technology now used across many breweries handling varying viscosity yeast

Yeast transfer at the brewery used to be carried out by lobe pumps, but the pumps became worn over time. Flow rate fluctuations were experienced and increased maintenance downtime and spare parts were required. Today, yeast transfer at this brewery is predominantly performed by a number of MasoSine Certa pumps. 

By adopting Sine pump technology, the brewery has been able to select both larger Certa 300 and smaller Certa 200 pumps to suit the production needs of each plant, whilst continuing to benefit from the same powerful suction and low shear yeast handling, irrespective of viscosity and throughput.

Each pump installation varies but presents no issues for the Certa pumps installed at the Brazilian breweries. Pumps can be rapidly cleaned and the simplicity of Certa pumps reduces CIP cycles and the amount of water and cleaning agents required, so providing further savings to the brewery.

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