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Safe chemical dosing in brewery CIP duties

Safe chemical dosing in brewery CIP duties

Five years ago, working with market-leading integrators who are large technology suppliers for the food and beverage industry, engineers from Watson-Marlow Brazil replaced troublesome diaphragm metering pumps used at multiple locations of a major Brazilian brewing company.

  • APEX pumps are leak-free and safely contain CIP chemicals
  • Pumps dose chemicals in precisely required percentages

In one successful application, chemical dosing is performed directly into the CIP line by APEX hose pumps. The brewery had sought alternative pumps due to health and safety issues following repeated leakage of the diaphragm pumps. Additionally, the complex installation and frequent maintenance were increasing running costs in the CIP process.

  • APEX pumps are leak-free and safely contain the CIP chemicals – caustic soda, peracetic acid – and 33% nitric acid
  • Higher suction power
  • Easier installation, without accessories like foot valves
  • For safety reasons, most pumps are fitted with hose rupture sensors and Bredel silicone lubricating oil instead of the standard lubricant
Safe chemical dosing in  brewery CIP duties

Bredel CIP

APEX pumps are first used in the mixing stage, where the fluids feed the preparation tank of the CIP solution. For this process, flow rates of up to 550 L/h are provided by APEX 20 pumps and up to 1,200 L/h by APEX 28 pumps.

Following the CIP solution preparation stage, further APEX pumps dose chemicals directly into the water CIP line of the centrifugal pump, in precisely required percentages.

APEX hose pumps

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