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Sine pumps increase production of marinated, cooked poultry

Sine pump increase production of marinated, cooked poultry

The consistency of raw chicken makes it particularly challenging to pump in a high volume production set-up. MasoSine pumps exceeded the expectations of a leading US food processor.

  • Saving production time
  • Reducing ingredient loss

The challenge

Pumping thick ‘sheets’ of marinated poultry meat proved difficult for pump types such as vacuum or air-operated diaphragm models at a leading poultry processing plant. This method was inefficient as flow rates were inconsistent meaning that meat had to be spread manually on to a lengthy conveyor, while marinade losses were significant.

To reduce labour and increase line efficiency, the poultry processor purchased two MasoSine pumps which were set up to transfer the meat through spreader horns to feed continuous sheets of the chicken meat, without gaps and with uniform thickness, onto the conveyor.

By doing this, the marinated meat was cooked evenly, very little marinade was lost in gaps between the lines of meat and there was virtually no rejected meat due to overcooking at the edges of the conveyor.

The outcome

"Having installed their Sine pumps, the outcome for this poultry processor was reduced labour, increased quality and less reject product."

Following roasting in the oven, the chicken is cut into small pieces ready for prepared salads and sandwich fillings.

Yields have increased due to higher moisture content—a factor that equates to greater profitability.

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